Invoca Named Tealium's First Strategic Partner in its New Partner Program

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Invoca Named Tealium's First Strategic Partner in its New Partner Program

Invoca has been named Tealium’s first strategic partner in its newly-launched partner program and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The result is a bi-directional and seamless integration that allows both Invoca and Tealium customers access to richer data to orchestrate better customer experiences.

It’s always great to be the first one picked on a team but our real excitement comes from what this means for customers of both companies and for users of other martech solutions who can now exponentially improve their customers’ experiences by working with both Tealium and Invoca.

To understand the impact, let’s start with what Tealium and Invoca do.

The Tealium Data-First Customer Data Platform

Tealium is the world’s only customer data platform (CDP) that’s built for modern enterprise businesses. Tealium captures a superset of data from thousands of sources and uses that data to build customer profiles that evolve and persist with each customer over time. Organizations can then tap into that data in real time to create richer, more personalized digital experiences for their customers.

Invoca AI-Powered Call Tracking and Conversational Analytics

Invoca is the market leader in call tracking and conversational analytics that brings the depth of marketing analytics traditionally limited to digital consumer interactions to the world of human-to-human selling.

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With Invoca, marketers can use real-time call and conversational analytics to maximize the return of their paid media campaigns in Google and Facebook, and improve the buying experience by enriching customer profiles in Salesforce and Adobe Experience Cloud.

So what happens when you put Tealium’s industry-leading customer data together with Invoca’s industry-leading call data on the same winning team? Everybody wins. Watch this video to learn more about how it works.

The Benefits of Integrating Invoca Call Data with Tealium Customer Data

For Tealium customers, integrating Invoca’s call data further enriches Tealium’s customer data by adding call data and outcomes. With the Invoca integration, Tealium customer profiles that now include call data help create more complete customer identities and a much clearer picture of the customer journey.

For Invoca customers, Tealium customer data opens up a new level of caller interaction and optimization. Here’s how: Since Tealium captures customer data that grows and persists with the customer over time based on many types of customer behaviors, there’s really unlimited possibilities for what insights Invoca customers can extract and then use to optimize the caller experience.

Here are some Invoca customer use cases:

  • A travel company could set up attributes with Tealium that target customers who have traveled internationally and how often. Then when someone that matches those attributes makes a call they can automatically be routed to an agent who specializes in international travelers.
  • A telecom company can set up attributes for which services have been purchased so that they can route callers for appropriate upsell.
  • A bank can create attributes to look for first time buyers or those ripe for refinancing or renter’s insurance purchases.  
  • A hotel could set up a purchase event attribute that would track hotel stays over time and once a threshold was met, tag that customer as “VIP.”

We could keep going but you get the idea: This partnership will enable an incredible avenue for laser-targeted and delightful customer experiences. It’s why we couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of the winning Invoca-Tealium team and we’re so excited to see the ways our customers leverage it for success.

Ready to get started? To implement The Invoca tag is available in Tealium iQ Tag Management for easy deployment and cross-channel management of associated Invoca data. To implement the Tealium CDP integration, contact your Invoca representative.

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