How Invoca Continues its Conversation Intelligence Leadership With Generative AI Solutions

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How Invoca Continues its Conversation Intelligence Leadership With Generative AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence has become indispensable to modern businesses, driving innovation and growth across industries and for our customers. With the launch and massive adoption of ChatGPT, AI is now top of mind for nearly every department at every business — and that’s especially true for the marketing, e-commerce, and contact center teams Invoca serves.

At Invoca, we understand the critical role AI plays in helping businesses acquire more customers and drive revenue growth. Our mission is to empower brands to stay ahead of the curve by providing cutting-edge AI and conversation intelligence technology that delivers clear value, enabling them to grow revenue by significantly improving digital marketing and contact center performance. 

Since the introduction of Signal AI in 2017, Invoca has focused on providing innovative AI solutions that deliver measurable business results — for experts and ordinary business users alike. Over the past year, I have been hearing more and more customers express their need and eagerness to deploy AI solutions. They know they need to uplevel their technology game and are turning to Invoca as an AI industry leader to help them unlock actionable insights to acquire more customers at a lower cost and solve business challenges with Invoca's unique blend of AI product offerings.

This is why I am so excited to combine generative AI and LLMs with our proven lineup of patented machine-learning and AI voice biometric technology. Our customers expect us to push the boundaries of what's possible, and we will meet their needs with innovative AI-powered solutions for marketing, e-commerce, and contact center teams to drive efficient revenue growth.

Invoca’s Value-Driven Approach to AI Innovation

In these challenging economic times, it is more crucial than ever for companies to deploy AI solutions that drive tangible business impact. This is why we’ve chosen to do things differently than how we’re seeing other technology providers approach bringing AI to market. 

We think it takes more than just getting all the new-and-shiny AI products out as fast as possible. We’re using a modular approach that combines the best of generative AI and our patented predictive AI solutions to assure we are meeting the specific needs of our customers instead of “throwing AI at the wall” with off-the-shelf models. 

Our AI development plan includes a sophisticated mix of AI technologies, each carefully chosen for its ability to solve specific business challenges and deliver superior ROI—it’s all about using the right AI for the right job. These new features will complement Invoca’s broad base of patented AI technology, and we’ve also built out our AI infrastructure to enable us to quickly deliver new features. 

With this in mind, we have worked tirelessly on our future AI products. Our focus is improving marketing ROI, increasing contact center productivity, and driving profitable growth in industries where building trusting, long-term relationships with customers is critical to their success.

We are also committed to developing AI solutions that are transparent, explainable, and ethical. To this effect, we also recently signed the Ethics & Integrity Charter for LLM-Based AI. By signing the Charter, Invoca has committed to building AI systems that align with its pillars of trust in conversational AI. At Invoca, we understand the importance of building trust with our customers and creating ethical AI systems that benefit everyone. You can read this post to learn more.

Invoca’s 2023 AI Product Roadmap

With Invoca's upcoming cutting-edge generative AI-powered features, consumer brands can drive revenue growth by powering digital advertising and contact center performance. Here are highlights from our 2023 AI product roadmap: 

Powering digital advertising and contact center performance with actionable insights

  • Rapid Custom AI Model Creation: Create custom algorithms faster than ever before to pinpoint unique, actionable insights from every phone conversation, such as the product a caller is interested in, if a qualified sales lead doesn’t make a purchase, or if an agent fails to qualify the caller or handle objections according to your specific call flow. Using semantic search modeled after ChatGPT, users are shown specific moments from relevant calls to review and, with a few clicks, create an algorithm to classify similar conversations in the future. This game-changing update reduces required training data by over 90% and provides a “no code” approach to building highly accurate custom algorithms trained on each business’s calls in less than 30 minutes of user review time.
  • AI Smart Alerting: Notify key personnel of mission-critical exceptions in contact center operations. Contact center managers can be alerted right away when call handling or compliance issues arise, and marketing teams can understand fast-moving topics of conversation with customers, such as pricing or competitive shifts and changes in conversion rates and campaign results.

Tapping into a goldmine of insights from phone conversations 

  • ChatGPT Call Summaries: Get a succinct AI-generated call recap, highlighting the intent, interest, outcome, and flow of every conversation. Call summaries speed up quality assurance (QA) review, reduce manual post-call work for contact center agents, and help marketers get a deeper understanding of what’s happening when their campaign leads call in.
  • Structured Data Extraction: Improve agent post-call productivity and enrich consumer profiles by using AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) to identify and extract structured zero-party data – such as intricate product details– from unstructured conversations. For example, automotive dealerships, OEMs, and service centers can extract the vehicle year, make, and model discussed by a consumer and pass that data into lead management, CRM, and CDP applications for use in automated workflows.

Supercharging contact center QA and agent coaching 

  • Agent Voice ID: AI-based agent voice biometric technology automatically analyzes every conversation to identify the specific agent that handled each call. This is valuable for contact centers and a breakthrough for multi-location and franchise businesses where multiple staff members answer calls from one shared phone number. 
  • AI Call Review Console: Designed for contact center QA managers to speed up the call review and agent coaching process, the AI-powered call review console highlights calls for managers to review, facilitates coaching and feedback, and enables teams to create and share call playlists for compliance, auditing, and insight extraction.

As for availability, rapid custom AI model creation, AI smart alerting, ChatGPT call summaries, and Agent Voice ID are in beta with select customers today. Structured data extraction and AI call review console will be in beta in fall 2023. 

To learn more about how Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence solutions can help your business, request a demo, follow our blog, or browse our resources and customer success case studies. We look forward to helping you lead the way with AI and drive your future success.

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