How Hospitality Marketers Can Connect Anonymous Web Traffic to Callers

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How Hospitality Marketers Can Connect Anonymous Web Traffic to Callers

When a potential guest visits your website, chances are you won’t be able to identify them. If they fill out a form or make a reservation online, you can capture their information and connect the revenue to your marketing campaigns. If this anonymous visitor calls instead — which they often do — you’ll lose track of the guest journey and your ability to attribute revenue to your marketing efforts. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how you can connect every call that hits your contact center from your website (or any other channel) to the caller and the revenue the channel drives. 

Why Your Current Call Attribution Methods Aren’t Enough

Some hospitality marketers use workarounds to try to get attribution for phone calls. Some use the old “how did you hear about us” technique, but nobody is going to tell you “I found you in the Google organic search results, then clicked your ad on Facebook, and then I called the number on your website!” Even if they tell you part of the story, it will be inaccurate. 

Others use PPC or search ads to draw customers to their website, and each page has a unique code that the contact center must ask the customer for to help track performance. First, this is a bad experience for your customers — they don’t care about helping you with your marketing, they just want to book their trip or get their questions answered. Second, you’re relying on both the customer and the contact center agent to relay and record the proper information. It’s literally a game of telephone and is likely to be inaccurate.

Some hospitality marketers are a bit more high-tech about trying to get attribution for calls, and they count calls from ads, search, and their websites by assigning unique phone numbers to each channel. When you’re just counting calls, though, you have no idea what the outcome is. This means you’re counting a bunch of calls as conversions that never booked with you, which significantly skews your ROAS and CPA calculations

How to Use Conversation Intelligence AI to Get Full Attribution for Calls

You don’t have to live with kludgy workarounds to track the conversions your marketing campaigns and website visits drive. Using a conversation intelligence AI platform like Invoca, you can automatically determine the outcome of every call from every channel and accurately attribute the revenue they drive. Here’s how it works. 

Accurately determine the outcome of every call

Calls are the most valuable leads for travel and hospitality marketers, but they can also be the most difficult for you to manage and optimize. Tracking every call is key, but it’s not enough to know the volume of calls from search and digital marketing — you need to know the value and outcome.

Signal AI Studio is a revolutionary leap forward for call tracking and a game-changer for hospitality marketers using search and digital advertising to drive phone leads. It makes it easy to create custom AI models to detect the insights from phone conversations you need to fuel breakthrough search, digital marketing, and website optimizations. 

Custom AI models from Signal AI Studio can accurately detect virtually any insight or topic from conversations, including: 

  • Caller Intent: Detect if the caller is a lead, past or current guest, or a job seeker‍
  • Caller Interest: Determine the specific product or service the caller is interested in, if they are looking for help with an online booking, or need assistance on-site during their stay‍
  • Conversation Outcome: Detect if the caller made a purchase, booked a stay, received a quote, or canceled a reservation 
  • Call Events: Discover important events like if the caller asked to be called back or to speak to a supervisor ‍
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Insights: Detect if the caller asked about pricing or a specific offer, discussed a competitor, or lodged a complaint

Attribute Call Conversions To The Marketing Channels That Drove Them

Not only do you get the outcome of every call with conversation intelligence AI, you get attribution for the channel that drove it. 

Get a 1:1 connection between customers, campaigns, and the revenue every call drives

Ad platforms like Google Ads, Bing, and others don’t provide accurate data on phone call conversions natively the way they do for online conversions. Even when guest leads call directly from your website, you may not be getting accurate attribution data and likely have to do manual work to attribute the revenue.

Invoca provides a complete solution for attributing and analyzing phone call conversions from ad platforms, your website, and virtually any other marketing channel, making it easy for you to get the right data on calls in your ad platform accounts and CRM. Invoca provides:

  • 100% Attribution for calls from any channel: For every call from search, shopping, display, social, your website, or even direct mail and TV, Invoca can attribute the ad and campaign that drove it. For calls from Google Search ads, for example, Invoca also accurately attributes the keyword, regardless of whether the call came from a call extension, call-only ad, location extension, or website visit after an ad click.
  • Intelligence on conversion outcome and value: Invoca automatically analyzes the conversation between the caller and your business in real time to measure the signals that matter to you, including call intent, product/service interest, and conversion outcome. For every call, Invoca accurately detects if it matches your business’s specific definition of a conversion (e.g. room booked, vacation package purchased, or reservation made) and can assign a revenue value to the call based on its value to your business.
  • Conversion and revenue matchback: If you have a CRM or lead management system, Invoca can also ingest data on the call’s lead stage or conversion outcome along with any revenue it generated, matching that data to the caller and ad/keyword that drove the call.
  • Real-time Google Ads integration: Finally, Invoca activates accurate data on the volume and value of your phone call conversions in Google Ads in real time. That data can be used for more accurate reporting and insights, and you can include phone call conversions captured by Invoca in Google Ads Smart Bidding with confidence, knowing that you have the best data on calls to drive the best results.

Use Conversion Data to Optimize Campaigns to Increase ROAS and Reduce CPA

When you drive conversions over the phone, you need to accurately measure them and attribute them to your ad spend. With Invoca’s AI, you get full visibility into all of the conversions that are happening on the phone so you can accurately measure your acquisition costs and optimize your campaigns to drive more leads. If you can’t accurately account for all the conversions that are happening on the phone, you’re vastly overestimaing your CPA and underestimating your ROAS.

Here’s how that looks:

Armed with true attribution, you can account for conversions that come from online clicks and offline calls to make data-driven optimization decisions that reduce your overall CPA and boost your ROAS. Better yet, by sending conversion data from customer conversations directly to your ad platforms, you can accurately target high-value guests and the most effective campaigns, ads, and keywords to increase your conversion rates. 

Improve Web Experiences To Improve Conversion Rates

With insight into all of the calls your marketing drives to the contact center, you can improve your website experience to drive more online conversions and make sure the highest-value guests get great service from the contact center. 

Understand digital abandonment to boost conversion rates

Invoca conversation intelligence can help you understand digital abandonment by tying conversations to individual web sessions to identify exact points where guests exit digital and reach out for human assistance. When you know exactly where they drop out of the digital experience and call, you can then tune the experience to make it easier to complete the reservation online or get them quickly connected with the right contact center representative when it’s most likely to be needed. 

Quickly fix costly broken online experiences

Of course, sometimes your intentions are correct but stuff just breaks. By utilizing integrations with digital experience analytics tools like FullStory and Decibel, you can discover exactly where customers encountering frustrating or broken eCommerce flows on your website like an “add to cart” button that doesn’t work, incomplete forms, or CTAs that are hard to find on the page. 

Unify online and phone data to personalize experiences and enhance customer profiles

If you make sales over the phone, you need conversation data to properly personalize customer experiences. Through technology like Invoca Signal AI, you can automatically detect the outcome of phone calls and enrich your customer profiles with their purchase history and other information. Using integrations with CDP platforms like Tealium AudienceStream you can unify online customer data and Invoca offline call data to enhance and personalize the customer experience. This data can also be flowed into CRMs like Salesforce to complete your customer profiles. 

With Invoca conversation intelligence, you can finally connect online and phone call data to drive more revenue from every channel and provide the best guest experience from the first click to the moment they arrive.

Learn more about Invoca conversation intelligence for travel and hospitality here.


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Make Your ROAS, Revenue, and Reputation Soar with Invoca's Signal AI
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