How Call Tracking and Conversational Analytics Fits In the Martech Ecosystem

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How Call Tracking and Conversational Analytics Fits In the Martech Ecosystem

Today, marketing is a lot more than tracking clicks and conversions. To be successful you have to think about the entire customer journey. Needless to say, this requires a lot of technology.

A comprehensive marketing stack gives you the technology to track every ad impression, click, page view, order, and virtually every online action. You can use this data to bucket consumers into meaningful audience segments to track campaign success and deliver personalized customer experiences.

And guess what? This customer-centric approach breaks down data silos and departmental lines. Data can no longer be isolated, solely used for lead generation. Now a company must use data to nurture prospects, close deals, service customers, and capitalize on upsells. Ideally, data is leveraged at every stage of the customer journey. The result is a better customer experience and ultimately, more revenue.

Does Your Martech Know When Someone Moves Offline?

This all sounds great. But what happens when there’s a divide between a customer’s online and offline experience? Now your data has a big hole, and your view of the customer is incomplete. All of a sudden your ability to consistently deliver a personalized experience disappears.

Invoca bridges the gap by introducing call tracking and conversational analytics to your digital marketing stack.

You may be surprised to learn it's possible (and easy!) to connect phone calls with online users and their behavior. This opens up a powerful new source of data you can leverage to optimize your marketing and tailor your interactions with consumers.

How Invoca Enhances Marketing Technology

Conversational analytics goes beyond basic call tracking by providing automated and customized marketing and consumer insights. Imagine being able to collect information about the marketing source that drove the call, who is calling, why they are calling, and the outcome of the call? Invoca’s conversational analytics captures all this data and intelligently creates audience segments and applies that information to your marketing stack. For example, you can now optimize keywords bids based on actual call outcomes. You can even launch automatic retargeting ad based on caller conversations. The use-cases are limitless.

Let’s explore a few key ways Invoca’s conversational analytics enhances marketing technology and ultimately the consumer experience.

Customer Acquisition

It’s important to know what resonates with consumers so you can use that information to optimize and acquire more leads. If you base your optimizations on online data alone, you miss a big piece of the equation. Adding conversational analytics allows you to make better decisions with your budget and spend. Consider adding call data to the following platforms:

  • Analytics platforms like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or Webtrends. Integrating conversational analytics with your web analytics allows you to understand the digital paths that lead to phone calls. It’s possible to track calls back to the anonymous user by the unique user ID, so you can incorporate calls in the segments you create in your analytics platform.
  • Bid management software like Acquisio, Adobe Media Optimizer, DoubleClick Search, IgnitionOne, Kenshoo, and Marin. Discover the keywords and matchtype combinations that are driving calls from your website and call extensions. Make sure to adjust keyword spend based on online and call conversions so you don't mistakenly dial down bids for keywords that actually drive high converting inbound calls.


Nurturing prospects is an art and a science. Conversational analytics helps with the science. Through sophisticated, yet easy-to-setup segmentation rules, you can use information about the campaign, caller, and call outcome to remarket with the most relevant content. Enhance nurture tracks and engagements by introducing calls and dispositions to the following platforms:

  • Data management platforms (DMP), like Adobe Audience Manager. Many ad serving platforms leverage information from DMPs to target audiences. For any purchase that happens over the phone, ensure that the phone conversion is shared with your DMP, so you can stop remarketing irrelevant with irrelevant ads to consumers that have already purchased!
  • Testing and personalization platforms, like Adobe Target or Optimizely. With conversational analytics, you can automatically segment consumers based on products they are interested in but have not purchased. Use this information to deliver product-specific information when the consumer revisits your website.


Renewals, upsells, and cross-sells are important parts of customer retention. It’s important to really know your customer to effectively grow the relationship and increase business. If you only collect digital data about your customer, there is a gaping hole that could lead to missed opportunities. Make sure you have the complete picture of your customers by including calls and dispositions in the following platform:

  • Email marketing platform, like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. When consumers complete a transaction over the phone, you can automatically trigger an email message promoting a cross-sell providing a seamless customer experience that drives more revenue.

Not only does Invoca conversational analytics bring offline actions to parity with digital actions, it offers more. Get context that just isn’t possible through a click with insights about the conversation, the tone, and agent intel. You can use this new voice-centric data set to extend the capabilities of your existing marketing stack. Say hello to a better customer experience!

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