How a Healthcare Provider Uses Invoca to Increase Marketing ROI and Reduce CPC

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How a Healthcare Provider Uses Invoca to Increase Marketing ROI and Reduce CPC

As a provider of in-home urgent care services, DispatchHealth experiences unique marketing challenges. With the health of patients on the line, the commitment to customer experience motivates every action.

Andrea Pearson, CMO at DispatchHealth, emphasizes how important understanding the customer journey is to marketing success. Data-driven decisions empower her team to optimize campaigns and acquire new customers. “I’m not interested in guessing, I need data to make the right decisions,” she said.

Before implementing Invoca, there was one big obstacle in DispatchHealth’s path to having all the right data—phone calls. “Phone calls were a major blind spot for us and we could only guess what might be driving them,” Pearson states. This was a big problem, because many of DispatchHealth’s customers convert over the phone.

Wanting the ability to learn from valuable phone call data, Pearson started shopping for a call tracking and analytics solution. Offering both the data and insights needed, Invoca was the solution DispatchHealth chose to partner with.

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With Invoca, DispatchHealth is increasing its customer base while reducing its marketing spend. After just 90 days with Invoca, DispatchHealth converted 50 percent more customers. By optimizing the effectiveness of ad copy, landing pages, and the handling of phone calls; DispatchHealth also decreased cost-per-click by 50 percent.

At DispatchHealth, personalizing and improving customer experience are top priorities. Using phone call data available through Invoca, DispatchHealth is now able to adjust messaging to fit different audiences. “A Medicare Advantage member and a young mother with a five-year-old with a spiking fever need different information, and we’re able to get that by listening to those calls,” Pearson states.

A customer calling into a healthcare provider needs to reach the right person as quickly as possible. Using Invoca’s custom call routing, DispatchHealth is able to automatically direct calls to the right representative. “Invoca has helped us across all channels to understand how to educate, segment, and provide all the information someone needs so that on the day someone needs our help, it’s a really efficient phone call.”

Read the full case study to dive into how DispatchHealth is using Invoca to reduce costs and increase its customer base.

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