How Leading Healthcare Providers Reimagine the Patient Journey with Conversation Intelligence

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How Leading Healthcare Providers Reimagine the Patient Journey with Conversation Intelligence

Recently we’ve seen massive shifts in how patients interact with healthcare providers and schedule appointments. The patient journey has become more fractured, with people using multiple channels and devices to engage with providers. At the same time, expectations for the patient journey are higher than ever — people want a seamless experience that’s personalized to their needs. 

At Invoca Summit 2021, we assembled a super team — our own Justice League of healthcare marketers — to speak about how they’re addressing these challenges with conversation intelligence. The session was called, “Marketing Innovators: Reimagine the Patient Journey in Healthcare,” and the lineup included:

  • Noah Brooks, Manager of Analytics and Strategy at University Hospitals
  • John Odom, Senior Consultant of Digital Communications and Marketing for BJC HealthCare
  • Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health

The panel was moderated by Lily Chakrabarty, Executive Vice President at media agency Spark Foundry.  

We’ve collected some of the top insights from their conversation in this blog.

How Banner Health Uses Conversation Intelligence to Track Patient Sentiment and Make Quick Pivots

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, guidelines were rapidly changing as case rates fluctuated and new information was released. Healthcare providers needed to deliver an experience that kept patients safe — and they needed to clearly communicate how they were accomplishing this. Failure to do so would not only cause them to lose business, it could harm their patients and cause long-term damage to their reputation.

In the Invoca Summit clip below, Chris Pace shares how Banner Health used conversation intelligence to capture patient feedback at scale from the contact center. This allowed them to get a pulse on how patients felt about their new COVID-19 policies and where they could improve the experience. It also helped them quickly correct issues before they turned into negative reviews and negative press.

How BJC Healthcare Uses Conversation Intelligence to Identify Friction in the Patient Experience

In the healthcare industry, about 80% of appointments are booked on the phone. But there are situations where customers prefer to engage over digital channels or with chatbots instead. To earn patient loyalty, providers need to connect the digital-to-call experience and ensure every journey is seamless from end to end — regardless of how the patient prefers to engage. 

John Odom and BJC Healthcare use conversation intelligence to identify gaps in the customer experience. Insights from Invoca uncovered common questions callers were asking that the chatbots were not able to address. They were then able to give their chatbots the answers to these questions so that customers didn’t have to make unnecessary calls if they preferred to schedule an appointment online. This freed up their contact center phone lines and allowed agents to focus on having more meaningful conversations with patients. Check out the video clip below to learn more:

How University Hospitals Increased Conversion Rates 300% by Connecting Conversation Intelligence Data to Salesforce

Patient experience expectations are at an all-time high — today’s patient wants the provider to quickly connect them to the right call center agent to handle their needs. If you transfer patients multiple times and make them repeat themselves, they’ll be far less likely to visit one of your practices.

To improve the patient experience, University Hospitals connected Invoca conversation intelligence data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This integration allowed them to send each patient directly to their preferred specialist, without bouncing them around in the call center first. As a result, they cut wait times in half and increased conversion rates by 300%. Learn about this feature from Noah Brooks in the video below:

Do you know how much your missed appointment calls are costing you? Check out our quick, 2-minute Cost of Missed Calls for Healthcare Calculator — that dollar figure may be higher than you think.

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