Hassle-Free Call Tracking For Multi-Location Marketers

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Hassle-Free Call Tracking For Multi-Location Marketers

Call tracking & analytics platforms promise marketers total visibility and attribution for every call conversion, personalized caller experiences, and an intuitive platform to manage it all. Usually, they deliver on these promises, that is, unless you drive calls to multiple physical locations.  

For marketers who drive calls to local agents, providers, franchises, dealers, or branches, this call tracking utopia has looked more like a mirage. Why? Because the effort required to direct the call to the right destination and achieve granular call attribution was so time-consuming, it wasn’t worth it.

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The Old Call Tracking Tradeoff

In order to track inbound calls driven by your marketing programs to every local representative, your team needed to manually set up hundreds of call treatments — one for each destination phone number — and then constantly monitor any changes to this network like new hours of operations, locations, and phone numbers.

Faced with this scenario in the past, you were forced into a tradeoff:

  • Option A: Invest countless hours into manual campaign management in order to get truly actionable data
  • Option B: Save the effort and watch your call analytics dreams slip away

Neither of these scenarios are optimal, but of course, we’re not writing this just to say we feel bad for you. Invoca has developed a solution that eliminates the multi-destination call tracking tradeoff and swaps 99 percent of the tedious manual setup with sweet, sweet technology that detects and routes calls automatically and makes updates to local network information a snap. Here’s how it works.

Call Analytics and Intelligent Routing at Scale

Invoca now has industry-exclusive functionality that transforms multi-location call tracking and analytics from a data management nightmare into a warm sandy beach of automated processes and deep blue waters of high-quality analytics. Invoca’s call tracking solution makes it simple to get the rich call data of your dreams while ensuring that calls are seamlessly connected to the right place, whether it’s a local agent, dealer, franchise, or regional call center.

Comprehensive marketing analytics in minutes

Brands can get rich call data at scale by deploying trackable phone numbers for every number listed on your website within 60 seconds, thanks to enhancements to the Invoca call attribution tag. Instead of manually mapping phone numbers to landing pages, the Invoca tag automatically detects and replaces all the numbers on your web pages with dynamic toll-free or local numbers. To your customers, they’re simply calling their local branch. To you, it’s a game changer.

By deploying the tag at the corporate level, you can finally understand which marketing efforts drove consumers to call which specific location. For example, an insurance marketer can understand exactly which leads are calling local agents from a ‘find an agent’ page.  

In addition, Invoca’s new solution provides much-needed insights into what’s happening on phone calls: Was it a sales or service call? Did the caller purchase? Did they ask about a specific product? Armed with this conversational insight, marketers finally have the visibility and data they need to optimize their local marketing efforts.

Drive higher conversion rates with personalized call routing

By combining digital data captured by Invoca with customer and product databases, marketers can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent, department, or branch. For example, when taking out a mortgage, this would entail calling a national bank and immediately getting routed to your local branch and connected with a broker who specializes in your needs.

What does this all mean to you? More calls answered quickly by the right person means more chances for conversions to happen. Increased call duration means higher quality conversations with high-intent customers, which, again, leads to more conversions attributed to your digital marketing efforts.

Own the Outcome

For some businesses, marketing has end-to-end control of the sale, from demand generation to the checkout process. But for businesses like yours that send valuable sales calls to a fragmented world of local agents, providers, franchises, or dealers, marketing does not control the last mile. If you want to drive your business forward, you need to get as close as possible to the revenue and this critical stage of the customer journey. The great news is that Invoca call analytics can get you to call tracking utopia — no trade-offs needed.

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