Hassle-Free Call Tracking For Multi-Location Marketers

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Hassle-Free Call Tracking For Multi-Location Marketers

Call tracking & analytics platforms promise marketers total visibility and attribution for every call conversion, personalized caller experiences and an intuitive platform to manage it all. They often deliver on these promises, that is, unless you drive calls to multiple physical locations.  

For marketers who drive calls to local agents, providers, franchises, dealers, or branches, this call tracking utopia can look more like a mirage. Why? Because the effort required to direct the call to the right destination, achieve granular call attribution, and manage the program over time and across all locations and websites was so time-consuming that it wasn’t worth it.

The Old Call Tracking Tradeoff

In order to track inbound calls driven by your marketing programs to every local representative, your team needed to manually set up hundreds of call treatments — one for each destination phone number — and then constantly monitor any changes to this network like new hours of operations, locations, agents, and phone numbers.

Faced with this scenario in the past, you were forced into a tradeoff:

  • Option A: Invest countless hours into manual campaign management in order to get truly actionable data
  • Option B: Save the effort and watch your call analytics dreams slip away

Neither of these scenarios are optimal, and unfortunately, customers of some call tracking solutions still stick you with making this tradeoff. But at Invoca we’ve developed a solution that eliminates the multi-location call tracking tradeoff and swaps 99% of the tedious manual setup and program management with sweet, sweet technology that automates all that time-consuming drudgery and makes managing local network and location information a snap. 

More Locations With Fewer Headaches

Invoca simplifies and automates call tracking and conversational analytics for businesses with multiple dealers, agents, or franchise locations with:

  • Flexibility to offer more personalized customer interactions that get callers to the right location every time.
  • Data granularity to attribute calls back to the correct local or national campaigns that drove them.
  • A centralized corporate view for smarter spending decisions, better marketing program optimization, and higher revenue.

Invoca’s call tracking solution makes it simple to get the rich call data of your dreams while ensuring that calls are seamlessly connected to the right place, whether it’s a local agent, dealer, franchise, or regional call center.

New Updates to Invoca’s Multi-Location Call Tracking 

But what about managing the program itself? All that great data quickly loses its allure if managing the call tracking program takes extra people, hours, spreadsheets and sweat each week. Invoca has recently added several features that further simplify program management across multiple locations:

  • Automated phone number detection and management: Automatically detect phone numbers across all of your company’s websites and decide exactly which numbers to promote and track.  This eliminates the manual work of keeping destination phone numbers updated, which saves time, resources, and money.
  • Streamlined data management and reporting: Easily map each Invoca platform user to their store location and so that everyone — from the user to the store manager to the CMO — gets exactly the data they need. 
  • Easy user management: A call tracking platform can have thousands of users across locations. Add, remove, or update Invoca platform users across all locations with a single, self-service file upload.

Own the Outcome

For some businesses, the path to call tracking nirvana is a straight shot. But for businesses like yours that send valuable sales calls to tens, hundreds or even thousands of local agents, providers, franchises, or dealers, that path can get tricky. If you want to drive your business forward, you need the local personalization, the corporate bird’s eye view, and the flexible program management to stay on course. The great news is that Invoca can get you to call tracking utopia — no trade-offs needed.

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