Customer Conversations: How BBQGuys Gets Full Visibility of the Customer Journey with Invoca

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Customer Conversations: How BBQGuys Gets Full Visibility of the Customer Journey with Invoca

BBQGuys is the go-to source for people who want to build the ultimate outdoor cooking and living experience. The company serves everyone from retail consumers who are after a new grill or some patio heaters to contractors who are building fully-equipped outdoor dream kitchens for their clients. BBQGuys is definitely the Invoca customer that makes us the hungriest!

Since BBQGuys serves such a wide range of customers and sells equipment that can rival the complexity that comes with remodeling your indoor kitchen, they must use all the tools at their disposal to provide a great experience for each kind of customer. Their mission is “to help people do what they love with the people they love the most through amazing customer service, quality products, and superior product knowledge,” and in order to accomplish this, they need full visibility into the customer journey, from online browsing to purchases made over the phone. 

“These are very complex purchases that do not happen over chat, they don’t happen with just a transaction on the web—they typically involve lots of phone calls,” said Christopher Erckert, Channel Director at BBQGuys. “Being able to track that and understand all of the touchpoints that result in a sale is huge. We’re here to bring people together and want to make that as frictionless as possible to customers who are reaching out to us.” 

In this video, Invoca CEO Gregg Johnson chats with BBQGuys Channel Director Chris Erckert about how BBQGuys is using Invoca to provide the ultimate experience for its customers and take its digital marketing to the next level.

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