Congrats Invoca Summit 2022 Award Winners!

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Congrats Invoca Summit 2022 Award Winners!

As we wrap up Invoca Summit, it’s time to reflect on the phenomenal success of our customers and partners this year. We had a record number of nominations and some of the most innovative use cases we’ve ever seen, so we had a lot of tough choices to make to narrow it down to these 10 winners! 

The Rookie of the Year is a customer who has been live on Invoca for less than one year and realized a measurable and meaningful impact within a few months of going live. This year’s Rookie of the Year is Pearson Education!

We were impressed with their rapid expansion as they rolled out both Invoca for Marketing and Invoca for Contact Center across an entire division. They used Invoca to better understand their customers' needs and pathways. By importing Invoca data into bidding tools, they are also optimizing spend to spot trends at a macro AND micro level which provides insights and guidance across the organization.

Congratulations to the team at Pearson Education and a hat tip to our Rookie of the year finalists at Alpaca Audiology, Atria Senior Living, and UW Health!

The Visionary of the Year award goes to a customer that makes the most of their investment through a strong vision, but more importantly their ability to execute on it. They demonstrate how to fully use Invoca technology in new and innovative ways to exceed business objectives and drive transformational growth in their businesses. These visionaries continually inspire our platform and product teams to make improvements that impact the broader Invoca community. This year’s Visionary of the Year is Robert Half!

We selected this winner based on the depth and breadth of their adoption of Invoca, and meeting and exceeding their business objectives. Robert Half came to Invoca looking to augment their closed-loop marketing system in order to truly understand the value of their marketing efforts. 

Driven by an extremely mature use case, this customer uses IVR and extensive lookup tables to improve the caller experience in a visionary way. They have such an impressive use of their IVR, that they have even advised the Invoca team on routing functionality based on their input and experience. They have implemented multiple integrations, and the connection with Salesforce in Domo has allowed them to measure the value of their calls for campaign optimization and budget allocation.

Learn more about how Robert Half is using Invoca to streamline customer call routing in this interview with Invoca CEO Gregg Johnson.

Congratulations to the Robert Half team and a hat tip to our Visionary of the Year finalists at Renewal by Andersen, RingCentral, and Starkey Hearing Technologies!

The Thought Leader of the Year is a customer who speaks publicly about their expertise and the innovative ways in which they are using conversation intelligence to drive value and business results. They provide public testimonials, participate regularly in thought leadership opportunities, and are widely considered subject matter experts.  Please join me in congratulating this year’s winner, Chris Pace from Banner Health.

Chris stood out not only for his participation in multiple speaking opportunities, but also his contribution in the conversation intelligence industry. As one of the first customers to upgrade from DialogTech to Invoca, Banner Health has fully embraced Invoca, and as a thought leader, Chris has fully extended himself as a true partner to Invoca and a knowledgeable resource by participating in multiple webinars. He even hosted a user group for customers who are making the DT upgrade journey. 

Congratulations to the Banner Health team and a hat tip to our Thought Leader of the Year finalists: Jeff Arduino from Spectrum Retirement, Mark Roblez from MoneySolver, and Tim Mogler from Mutual of Omaha!

The next award category is Best use of Conversation Intelligence in a Contact Center. The team to win this award maximized their use of conversation intelligence with the Invoca for Contact Center solution to not only improve operational efficiencies, but also the customer and employee experience. This year’s winner for Best Use of Conversation Intelligence in a Contact Center is Kinetic by Windstream

We chose Kinetic by Windstream because they were able to increase overall sales call quality and agent performance to continuously improve and personalize their customers’ experience, resulting in a 40% increase in average revenue per sales call, 27% decrease in calls where the agent failed to overcome caller hesitation, and a 5% increase in script and sales process adherence. Instead of performing QA on a small sample of the 30,000 phone calls they receive each month, they now automatically QA 100% of the phone calls they receive, with minimal effort from their team, allowing supervisors greater visibility into trends and increasing opportunities for coaching. 

Here’s a bit more in the words of the National VP of Digital Sales Lorenzo Clark, as he talks with Gregg Johnson. 

Congratulations to the Kinetic by Windstream team and a hat tip to our finalists for Best Use of Conversation Intelligence in a Contact Center at Bay Alarm Medical, Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, and MoneySolver!

The team that gets recognized for the Best Cross-Channel Customer Experience Strategy makes pivotal changes in their customers’ experience. By using insights uncovered with Invoca they can better collaborate across channels and demonstrate excellence in using conversation intelligence to increase ROI, improve customer acquisition rates, and create better customer experiences. This year’s winner is DIRECTV

We chose DIRECTV as the winner in this category because they truly exemplify continuous improvement and collaboration, with Invoca as the backbone, to implement a cross-channel strategy. By getting an omnichannel view into the buying journey, DIRECTV is able to detect and correct issues early on. Utilizing a dynamic IVR, they have improved the customer experience for over 250,000 callers each month by effectively routing calls and arming agents with valuable information about the caller. This not only reduces average call handling times, but also improves agent close rates. In addition, they've begun tracking offline media through their main 800 number and were able to correlate call volume to offline placements for the first time ever.

Congratulations to the DIRECTV team and a hat tip to our finalists for Best Cross-Channel CX Strategy at Aspen Dental, BBQ Guys, and Spectrum Retirement

The Best Upgrade of the Year award goes to a customer who has recently transitioned to Invoca from DialogTech. Similar to Rookie of the Year, this organization has embraced Invoca’s conversation intelligence, seeing a swift and meaningful impact within months of upgrading from the DT platform to the Invoca platform. And the award for Best Upgrade of the Year goes to ATI Physical Therapy

We chose this winner due to their rapid adoption of Invoca after upgrading from DialogTech and implementing a sophisticated use case to support their hub-and-spoke model. By using lookup tables, they were able to correctly classify and relate clinics to their hubs. As a result, they can deeply understand their clinics’ performance broken out by core hubs and corresponding spoke locations. Using this data, they are able to improve customer journey insights and to better understand demand and staffing requirements for each location. As a result, they are able to drive more quality calls and improve the experience for each clinic.

Here is Dennis Haupt, Digital Marketing Manager, speaking with Gregg Johnson about how ATI uses Invoca to measure its return on ad spend.

Congratulations to the ATI team and a hat tip to our Best Upgrade of the Year finalists at Banner Health, Oceania and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, and Sentry Insurance!

The Performance Marketer of the Year demonstrates excellence in partnership and business development by consistently providing growth opportunities and value to their brand partners. This year’s winner is Infinity Sales Group (ISG)

We chose ISG as the winner in this category because they consistently drive success for clients by offering full-funnel, digital marketing services to drive acquisition traffic. They also create hyper-relevant customer experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands! With Invoca, they get full visibility into the sales calls their marketing campaigns drive, resulting in an 80% reduction in wasted ad spend and a 50% increase in total revenue and order volume from non-branded paid search keywords. By using integrations with key marketing activation platforms like Google and Microsoft Advertising, they are able to track calls and conversions, using these call outcomes as an input to their optimization strategies. 

Hear from Jason Hazlewood, VP of Online Marketing and Advertising, as he talks with Gregg Johnson:

Congratulations to ISG and a hat tip to our Performance Marketer of the Year finalists at Apollo Interactive, Intelsio, and ThomasARTS.

The Breakthrough Partner of the Year is a partner or agency who has introduced a new and exciting turnkey integration that brings additional value to the broader Invoca community. Their approach force-multiplies the reach of offline data and brings countless benefits to our joint customers. The winner this year is Shift Digital!

We chose Shift Digital as the winner because they provide a comprehensive offering of technology, program management, and support services that help national brands, OEMs, and local retailers get the most out of their digital marketing and sales initiatives. When partnered with Invoca, our joint services integrate across multiple digital marketing and sales programs to measure, manage, and improve our shared customers’ performance.

Congrats to the Shift Digital team and a hat tip to our Breakthrough Partner of the Year finalists at Neustar, Optimizely, and Quantum Metric!

The Partner Collaboration Award is given to the technology or agency partner who consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting opportunities through collaboration on events, webinars, and other promotional activities to drive visibility, awareness and ultimately, business results. The winner of this award is Google

Google stood apart because of the high level of shared marketing and thought leadership we’ve accomplished together. They are driving a significant amount of shared business and we enjoy continued collaboration between our account teams across various sectors and verticals. This partner has been a regular speaker at Invoca Summit and has included Invoca in various events and webinars that they host. This relationship goes beyond a robust integration, to the continuous collaboration and support of our joint clients, ensuring full support of their KPIs, strategies and special projects. 

Congratulations to the Google teams and a hat tip to our finalists for the Partner Collaboration Award at Impact, Rise Interactive, and Tealium.

The Partner Innovation Award is given to the technology or agency partner who consistently delivers the most creative use cases or integration ideas, helping to bring cutting edge solutions to market and driving the next generation of tools for the industry. And the winner is Five9

Five9 continues to innovate and enhance their integration for the contact center. Based on data from pre-call digital journeys captured by Invoca, calls can now be intelligently prioritized and routed. As a result, customers who are ready to purchase are routed directly to a dedicated queue of high-availability agents, increasing conversions and revenue, while customers with straightforward questions can first be routed to a Virtual Agent for self-service triage and potential resolution — enabling every contact center to optimize the combination of high-value agent capacity and automation.

Congrats to the Five9 team and a hat tip to our Partner Innovation Award finalists at Contentsquare, Mercury Healthcare, and Salesforce.

Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists and winners! We hope to see you at Invoca Summit next year.

Did you miss Invoca Summit? Watch it on demand here!

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