Announcing The 2016 Call Intelligence Index

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Announcing The 2016 Call Intelligence Index

Now that two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, the lines that neatly divided channels, even the digital and real world, no longer exist. Today's consumers move between TV, display, search, email, and social media, whether it’s on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. In fact, 79% of people switch devices during a single online activity, and 63% of consumers purchase offline following online search activity.

Mobile is at the heart of today’s omnichannel customer journey, and it’s driving billions of calls to businesses. But how should these calls fit into your marketing strategy? To shed light on this, Invoca analyzed 58 million calls spanning more than 40 industries.

Invoca’s annual report, the 2016 Call Intelligence Index, reveals that digital marketing is driving more calls to businesses than ever before. The report finds more customer calls come from mobile search than from any other channel. With Google call-only ads and convenient click to call buttons, digital marketers are becoming comfortable driving offline conversions -- and consumers are taking advantage.

Here are a few takeaways from the report:

  • 48% of phone calls to businesses came from mobile search
  • Monday receives the highest call volume of any day of the week.
  • Average call duration across industries is nearly 5 minutes
Mobile Marketing Top Source for Calls
Mobile Search is the Number 1 Driver

So what does this mean for you? As you evolve your digital marketing strategy, think about how consumers are actually interacting with your brand.

In this exclusive report you will find:

  • Which channels drive the highest volume of calls, and which drive the best calls
  • Geographic and demographic data on top caller profiles
  • Key industry benchmarks, including detailed insights for insurance, financial services, automotive, and more.
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