7 Of The Best Resources For PPC Marketers Who Want More Calls

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7 Of The Best Resources For PPC Marketers Who Want More Calls

PPC marketers are like those sharks that have to keep moving or they die. When it comes to paid search, you have to keep up with the latest consumer trends, not to mention the latest AdWords updates. Staying up to speed is a full-time job, so I am here to help.

If you’re a PPC marketer who wants to drive more phone calls, I’ve compiled the best resources from Invoca and industry leaders like Google. Everything from blog posts, step-by-step guides, and industry research is right here so you can start driving more calls and greater ROI from your paid search campaigns.

1. How to Increase Calls from Paid Search

Paid Search eBook Cover

By 2019, BIA/Kelsey predicts there will be 162 billion calls to businesses from mobile devices alone. And in Invoca’s annual report, the2016 Call Intelligence Index, we found 48% of phone calls to businesses came specifically from mobile search. If you’re not connecting with your mobile search customers over the phone, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

In this step-by-step guide, How to Increase Calls from Paid Search: 10 Guaranteed Tactics, you will learn how to:

  • Capture key caller data
  • Use this data to optimize campaigns and targeting
  • Find new opportunities for growth

Get your copy of the report here.

2. The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase

the role of click to call

In this insightful report,The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase, Google surveyed over three thousand mobile searchers to better understand the role of click to call in the overall customer journey. The most striking result of the survey was that 70% of mobile searchers use click to call. Calls are clearly a crucial point of contact for the mobile search crowd. Check out the full report to learn more about the impact click to call has on mobile search.

3. PPC Step by Step Audit

ppc step by step audit

Paid search is never a set it and forget it kind of endeavor. If you’re wondering where your paid search stands in the omnichannel world, check out this helpful checklist that will show you new ways you can leverage call intelligence to boost your paid search performance to new levels of success.

4. Google AdWords Industry Benchmark [Infographic]

google adwords industry infographic

Paid search is a lot of work whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a total newbie. The more knowledge you can arm yourself with, the better off your campaigns will be. This knowledge is also powerful when you're bringing phone calls into your paid search. Wordstream put together a helpful infographic all about Google AdWords Industry Benchmarks. Check out this infographic for an overview of industry specific average click through rates, costs per clicks, and more.

5. Clicks, Calls, and Conversions: The Top 5 Secrets to Mobile PPC Success

click z webinar image

You need to move beyond the traditional digital marketing mindset. Check out this webinar featuring experts from Rise Interactive, ClickZ, Essex Property Trust, and Invoca as they share:

  • How to get full attribution or all types of conversions, including digital, mobile, and offline.
  • Tips for improving mobile conversion quality and driving better ROI.
  • Best practices to optimize campaigns and ads for calls.

6. 5 Steps for Optimizing Paid Search ROI with Calls

5 Steps for Optimizing Paid Search ROI with Calls

It’s time to stop optimizing on incomplete data. If your paid search doesn’t incorporate phone calls, you’re missing the full picture of your paid search performance. Read this blog to learn how you can treat calls like you do clicks and optimize your paid search marketing for greater ROI and revenue.

7. How to Get More Phone Calls from Your Mobile Paid Search

Dial an Expert Calls From Mobile Search BLOG

Mobile search is billions of phone calls to businesses every year. Your mobile paid search strategy can’t afford to ignore phone calls anymore. In this episode of Dial an Expert, we go over four simple steps to turning your paid search channel into a call-generating machine.

Due to the rise of mobile, consumers are calling businesses more than ever. Don't miss out on those valuable conversions. Start optimizing your paid search to drive high- quality call conversions today!

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