20 Useful Facts About Phone Calls Most Marketers Still Don't Know

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20 Useful Facts About Phone Calls Most Marketers Still Don't Know

Phone calls are a proven part of the omnichannel customer experience. In case you need a refresher, BIA/Kelsey estimates that consumers will make 162 billion phone calls from mobile by 2019, more than double the calls made in 2014.

Mobile marketing may be driving billions of phone calls at an increasing rate, but a lot of marketers are still in the dark when it comes to these valuable conversations. Without call intelligence marketers don’t know what’s driving these calls, which prospects are most likely to call, what’s happening on those calls, or how to improve ROI.

Don’t be lulled into a false notion that no one makes calls these days, and don’t make the mistake of ignoring calls and all the marketing insights that come with them. To help you get in the game, we’ve compiled 20 facts from Invoca’s newest report, the 2016 Call Intelligence Index.

Who’s Calling, Please?

1. Men account for 53% of customer calls, women clock in at 47%.

2. Washington, DC has the highest call volume per capita with 415 calls per 1,000 people.

3. Mississippi is the top state with 286 calls per 1,000 people.

4. Vermont has the lowest call volume per capita, but that’s only because someone had to come in last.

5. When it comes to cities around the nation, Atlanta, GA drives the highest call volume per capita followed by:

  • Columbia, SC
  • Grand Prairie, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL

Trends in Consumer Behavior Only Phone Calls Reveal

6. 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, only 24% prefer filling out online forms.

7. 42% of people pick up the phone to call a business at least once a week.

8. 79% of people switch devices during a single activity.

9. Mondays receive the highest volume of calls, with 55% more calls than the lowest volume day, Sunday.

10. 48% of customer phone calls come from mobile search.

11. 70% of consumers use the call button in search ads.

12. The average call duration is 4 min, 52 seconds.

Landlines are Down but Not Out

13. 29% of all calls to businesses come from landlines.

14. A whopping 71% of calls originated on mobile devices.

15. Calls from mobile channels drove 54% of all customer calls in 2015.

Industries by the Numbers

16. Industries with high-value purchases typically have the highest call volume.

17. Highest call duration by industry:

  • Computer Electronics (9:06)
  • Home Services (6:39)
  • Insurance (5:22)
  • Financial Services (5:02)
  • Travel (3:40)

18. 43% of phone calls in the Home Services industry come directly from Google search ads. Meanwhile, online channels generated 52% of insurance phone calls and mobile search was the biggest source for education phone calls.

Are You Ready?

19. Businesses are predicted to get 162 billion customer phone calls from mobile by 2019.

20. 40% of Invoca’s customers are integrating call intelligence with other marketing solutions including Google Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud, to bridge the online to offline gap.

Download Invoca’s Call Intelligence Index 2016 today to see just how important phone calls are to today's customer journey.

2016 Call Intelligence Index

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