4 Steps for Sales Leaders to Boost Close Rates With Conversation Intelligence

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4 Steps for Sales Leaders to Boost Close Rates With Conversation Intelligence

Your contact center could be flooded with great leads — people who are practically salivating to buy from you — but that doesn’t mean a thing if your agents aren’t closing deals. So, as a sales leader, how can you ensure your team is performing at its full potential? Do you give them an expletive-laced “coffee is for closers” speech? Eh, HR probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about that and it'll alienate your agents more than it'll improve conversion rates. 

In today’s business environment, there are far more effective sales tools than rah-rah speeches. To improve agent close rates, cutting-edge sales leaders are taking advantage of conversation intelligence that uses the power of AI to get visibility into every contact center interaction. You can get automated scorecards on every call and agent interaction, detect issues impacting close rates, and coach agents in real time with seamless in-platform commenting. 

In this post, I’ll cover the benefits of Invoca’s conversation intelligence solution and walk you through the steps to implement and scale it. As a result, you’ll turn your agents into a team of gritty closers that would make Alec Baldwin proud.

Step 1. Automate Call Scoring for Every Call

If you’re like most companies, you’re using a manual QA process to track your sales agents’ performance. There are many flaws to this approach — manually listening to calls is expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with human error. In addition, your QA team (or team of one) is only able to listen to a small sample size of your agents’ calls, which may not be a reliable indicator of total performance. They may have caught some of your best agents on their worst days or vice versa. 

Enter Invoca: this conversation intelligence solution uses AI to automatically and objectively score agent performance on every call. With Invoca’s QA module, you can easily pinpoint each agent’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

No two sales organizations are the same — that’s why Invoca allows you to set your own unique criteria to score sales agent success. For example, you may want your sales agents to start with a greeting script, mention an upcoming promotion, and then ask the caller to schedule an appointment. The call scorecard uses AI to automatically detect which of these criteria are met on each call and assign a corresponding score.

Invoca automatically scores every inbound call based on your unique criteria

Reduce legal and compliance risks

For some businesses, the stakes for QA are higher than just tracking how well agents close deals — you also have to ensure that they’re following the right legal and compliance requirements. If your agents aren’t reading the required scripts, this can jeopardize your sales deals and result in hefty fines. 

Rather than manually listening to calls to ensure legal compliance, you can use a conversation intelligence solution to automate the process. This creates cost savings and ensures that no calls fall through the cracks. As a result, you can rest assured that your sales agents are not only closing deals — but they’re protecting the company from of financial and legal liability. 

Step 2. Improve Alignment With Your Marketing Team

It’s no secret that there’s often friction between sales and marketing teams. It can be a blame game — marketing accuses sales of fumbling the hot leads it’s driving, and sales retorts that those leads were ice cold. This is because each team is operating based on its own data set — there is no unified view of the buyer experience.

Invoca helps marketing and sales teams better align by illuminating the end-to-end buyer journey and providing a single data source that gives both teams the same transparency. You can track the marketing source that drove each call, where it was routed, the quality of the lead, and if sales ultimately closed the opportunity. This will help you understand where the friction is in the buyer journey and take the necessary steps to remove it — whether this means allocating budget to different marketing campaigns, routing callers differently, or tightening up sales scripts. As a result, there will be less finger-pointing and more pipeline growth and closing. 

Step 3. Use Invoca’s Coaching Module to Give Your Sales Team Real-Time Insights

Sales training should be a continuous process. The best managers are always listening to their agents’ calls and giving them pointers to improve their performance, rather than waiting for quarterly reviews or one-on-ones with the agent. In fact, studies show that continuous coaching creates 50% higher net sales per agent. So, as a sales manager with dozens or even hundreds of sales agents, how do you give each the coaching they need? 

Once you’ve integrated scorecards and seen the upside of detailed data about every qualified call and agent interaction, you can take things to the next level by empowering your agents with this same level of insight. By enabling the Agent Coaching module, each agent will have access to the Invoca platform. They’ll be able to see a whole new world of data, including their call scores, their call recordings and transcriptions, and your comments — all in real time. 

Invoca allows you to give your sales agents real-time comments on their performance

Rather than waiting for one-on-ones or quarterly reviews, Invoca gives agents instantaneous feedback so they can adjust their approaches on the fly. This will scale your coaching efforts and help your agents correct their mistakes quickly.

Share performance dashboards for multiple locations and contact centers

If you manage multiple contact centers, it can be difficult to implement standards for agent performance across all locations. Your disparate QA teams may have biases that are impacting ratings and causing misalignment. This can undercut employee morale if they feel their performance isn’t being judged fairly in respect to other locations — especially if it impacts their compensation.

Invoca's unbiased AI ensures that the same agent rating system is applied across each agent in every location. Additionally, you can easily visualize this data in full-color dashboards to break down agent scores and close rates by location — and you can share these dashboards with your team so they can stay informed in real time.

With Invoca, you can set up real-time leaderboards for your agents to view

You can also drill into the call recordings and transcriptions from each location to investigate the trends and coach them accordingly. 

Step 4. Increase Agent Job Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover

As you know, ramping up sales agents is time-consuming and costly. It takes a lot of resources to train them on the nuances of your products or services and get them familiar with your sales process. It will help you reduce future headaches if you can keep your salespeople happy so turnover stays low. 

Invoca empowers your agents by giving them complete visibility into their performance in real time. They’ll no longer be at the mercy of the piecemeal data you show them from time to time. This will increase their productivity, autonomy, and ultimately job satisfaction. 

This pays dividends in the long run, helping you to retain a fully-staffed team that’s happy and motivated. You’ll no longer have to incur as many of the costs associated with agent turnover. 

To learn more about how Invoca can help you boost sales agents' close rates, request your personalized walkthrough of the platform.

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