6 Ways Conversation Intelligence Can Drive More Contact Center Revenue

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6 Ways Conversation Intelligence Can Drive More Contact Center Revenue

If your company sells high-stakes goods and services, the contact center is a critical piece of the revenue journey. According to our research, 87% of buyers said talking to a person on the phone to answer questions made them feel more confident in making expensive or considered purchases, versus buying directly online. 

But despite the contact center’s important role in driving revenue, many companies are flying blind when it comes to performance metrics. They’re like the scouts in Moneyball who rate players based on subjective qualities: “He’s got a classy swing” or “He passes the eye candy test.” (You seriously haven’t seen Moneyball?! Your assignment for the weekend is to watch it.)

To build better-performing contact centers, successful brands are taking Billy Beane’s “Moneyball” approach and measuring every contact center interaction with data. To capture these insights at scale without manual data collection and analysis, conversation intelligence provides a contact center home run. This technology gives you visibility into every contact center interaction, using AI to quantify call handling quality and compliance. You can then understand which of your agents and locations are knocking it out of the park and which need additional coaching.  

Read on to learn how conversation intelligence can help you drive more contact center conversions and identify inefficiencies that are impacting revenue.

1. Get Insights From Every Contact Center Interaction — No Manual Processes Required

In the past, contact center interactions could be a data black hole for managers. After the call went through, what happened was anybody’s guess. Since then, some companies have begun to use manual QA to track contact center interactions. But there are flaws to this approach — manually listening to calls is expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with human error. Not to mention it’s a total snooze-fest. 

To solve this problem and capture insights at scale, contact center managers are using conversation intelligence solutions like Invoca. This solution allows you to view every caller’s end-to-end buyer journey, not just what happened once it reached the contact center. With Invoca you can:

  • See what campaign or web page drove the call
  • View how the call was routed
  • Track conversions
  • Analyze call transcripts and recordings
  • Get scorecards for every call to rate agent performance
  • Sort agent performance by contact center location

This complete and objective view of customer interactions will help you quantify agent performance and identify opportunities to drive more revenue.

2. Make Every Agent More Effective

The traditional model of coaching  agents involves manually listening to a sample of your call recordings to identify each agent’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This approach can take a toll on managers, especially for contact centers with hundreds of agents. In addition, agents at these large contact centers may not receive all the personal attention they need to improve their performance. Finally, when humans are doing the evaluating, there’s room for human error, subjectivity, and bias.

Conversation intelligence allows you to scale agent coaching by automatically scoring all of your calls with an AI model trained to your business. You can set the criteria that make up a successful call — for example, a car dealership may require each agent to start the call with the approved greeting script, mention the upcoming sales event, and ask the caller to schedule a test drive. Agents will then receive a score based on these criteria, helping them understand exactly what they need to work on. You can then use the call recordings and transcriptions as coaching tools to help them improve their scores. Invoca makes this easy with seamless, in-platform commenting so leaders can coach in real time, responding at the individual call level.

For businesses with multiple locations, you can also segment agent scores by location to understand trends across your organization. Maybe you discover a specific location is out-performing all the others — you can drill into those recordings and transcriptions to understand how and teach those best practices to the rest of your organization.

3. Route Callers Based on Their Intent

Think of all the times you’ve called a company, only to be juggled around by multiple agents. The problem is so pervasive that 79% of customers say they’re rerouted at least once when they call a business.

Conversation intelligence solutions solve this by providing intent-based call routing. How does it work? Simple: the solution tracks the specific digital marketing campaign or website page that drives each call. It then uses this information to automatically send the caller to the relevant agent to handle their needs. 

Invoca automatically routes callers based on their intent

For example, if someone calls an insurance company from a “Chicago car insurance” search ad, a conversation intelligence solution can automatically route them to a car insurance agent in that area, rather than making them state their reason for calling to an IVR. Or, if someone calls from your life insurance web page, the solution can automatically route them to the next available life insurance agent.

You can also prioritize the callers with the highest purchasing intent. For instance, you could automatically move calls from your online shopping cart to the top of the queue so they get answered first. Quick response times to these bottom-of-funnel calls will give you a better chance at closing the deal — especially since 33% of callers hang up after waiting just five minutes on hold.

4. Personalize Every Phone Conversation

Research shows 80% of customers say they’re more likely to make a purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them. We’ve become accustomed to brands knowing what we want and serving it to us on a silver platter while we kick our feet up. Think of how Facebook creates sappy friendship slideshows for you or how Spotify builds playlists based on your listening history. 

The phone call experience should be no different — before the conversation even starts, you should have an idea of what the caller needs and how you can help them. To predict the caller’s intent, you don’t have to be Nostradamus — you just need to know the web page or digital campaign that drove the call. Conversation intelligence solutions automatically capture this information and send it to the agent answering the call via a screen pop so they can tailor the conversation accordingly. 

Invoca sends agents a screen pop with caller information so they can tailor the conversation

Let’s use the example of a home services company. If someone called from your “total lawn care” paid search ad, your conversation intelligence solution would show that information to the agent answering the call. They could then pull up the specifics about your total lawn care package, nail the caller’s questions about grub treatment, and win the sale.

5. Remove Digital Barriers to Purchase to Deflect Unnecessary Calls

Unnecessary calls can be costly for your contact center — they can overwhelm your agents and increase hold times, causing abandonment and lost revenue from high-value callers. To deflect unnecessary calls, leading companies use conversation intelligence.

With a conversation intelligence solution like Invoca, you can identify the moments when shoppers choose to call rather than complete their purchase online. Invoca surfaces the caller’s entire journey through your website, from the ad or search keyword that brought them in, to the pages they viewed, to the exact click-to-call button they used to contact you.

Invoca identifies issues in the online buying flow that are driving unnecessary calls to your contact center

In addition, Invoca’s AI helps you identify trends that are causing digital abandonment on each webpage. You may find that a certain product page doesn’t offer enough specifics for customers to make a purchasing decision, you may learn that your checkout process is long and overly complicated, or you may discover that your online shopping cart is stalling out from a server or backend issue. You can then take the right steps to correct the issue and deflect unnecessary calls as a result.

6. Deliver Customer Experiences that Reduce Churn

Your contact center revenue doesn’t just depend on converting new customers — you also need to retain existing customers. According to a PwC study, 32% of customers stop doing business with a brand they love after only one bad experience. Ouch.

With a conversation intelligence solution, you can route existing customers differently than you route sales prospects. If you have their phone number on file, you can send them directly to a customer care specialist at your contact center, so that they can get the help they need immediately. 

You can also use the marketing source the customer called from to predict their needs and tailor the conversation. For instance, if they called from the billing page, your customer care agent could proactively pull up their billing information and be ready to answer questions about it.

By efficiently fielding customer calls and minimizing transfers, you can create an experience that makes them feel appreciated and eager to continue doing business with you.

To learn more about how Invoca can help you boost contact center revenue, request your personalized demo of the platform.

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