How Joining Invoca’s Channel Partner Program Helps You Drive More Revenue

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How Joining Invoca’s Channel Partner Program Helps You Drive More Revenue

Last week, our team visited Channel Partners Expo in Vegas to forge new relationships and share the value of Invoca as we launched our new channel partner program. We’re now working with several channel partners in the CX and CCaaS space, who are bringing Invoca’s powerful solution to their end customers.

The Invoca team at Channel Partners Expo in Vegas

We’re excited to bring our disruptive technology to the channel partner community. Our solution provides a unique opportunity for partners — it allows them to have a direct impact on their end users’ revenue by helping them optimize their marketing budget. Additionally, Invoca is a natural fit for CCaaS vendors, since it helps contact centers automate sales quality assurance, improve efficiency, and boost close rates. 

Whether you’re familiar with Invoca or hearing about us for the first time, our solution can be a powerful asset to your end customers. Keep reading to learn how Invoca conversation intelligence works, how it can make your customers and your business more successful, and how to become one of our valued channel partners.

What Is Invoca?

Invoca is the leader in AI-powered conversation intelligence. What does that mean? In simple terms, we help revenue teams uncover and act on the information consumers share via phone conversations. 

All too often, the digital journey is disconnected from customer conversations that occur in the contact center or at individual business locations. Invoca bridges this gap and provides visibility into the full digital-to-call experience. We also provide deep integrations with leading technology platforms to help customers visualize and take action on conversation data within their existing workflows.

Here’s how revenue teams use Invoca to drive better business outcomes:

  • Marketing: Gain a multiplier on your marketing performance by connecting every consumer conversation to the digital journey. Attribute purchases and other conversions happening over the phone back to your digital campaigns to optimize performance, reduce CPA, and increase conversion rates.
  • Contact center: Automatically score agent interactions and enable remote coaching to improve close rates, reduce compliance risk, boost contact center efficiency and make the most out of every sales opportunity. Automatically QA 100% of your calls whether they happen in the contact center or individual business locations—all without changing any existing telephony infrastructure.
  • eCommerce: Understand why and when customers reach out for buying assistance to make data-driven improvements to your digital experiences that improve digital conversion rates and minimize calls for routine purchases.
  • Customer experience: Deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost revenue with visibility into the digital-to-conversation customer journey. Improve your end-to-end customer experience across digital and the contact center by identifying and fixing critical CX issues like broken webpages, long hold times, unnecessary transfers, unanswered calls, and more.

Check out the video below to get a quick overview of how you can use Invoca AI-powered conversation intelligence:

Invoca customers include industry leaders like AutoNation, University Hospitals, Rogers Communications, Windstream, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, and many more.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with Invoca?

  • Make a direct impact on your end users’ bottom line: With Invoca, you can have a direct impact on your end users’ revenue. The solution helps marketers drive more phone leads and conversions and improve the efficiency of their contact centers, reducing costs and improving close rates. 
  • Does not affect your existing telephony business: If you already sell telephony services, Invoca will not disrupt that line of business — our solution sits on top of your end user’s existing telephony service. In fact, Invoca is a vaule-add for your telephony business, since you’ll be able to provide better data and insights than your competitors. 
  • Broaden your relationship with enterprise customers: Marketing, sales, eCommerce, and customer experience teams all use the Invoca solution. Becoming an Invoca channel partner can help you expand your relationships with enterprise customers to other departments and lines of business. 
  • Deep integrations with your end users’ tech stack: Invoca isn’t just another portal to add to an already cluttered tech stack. The solution has deep integrations with most leading technology platforms, so your end users can connect Invoca data to their existing workflows. 
  • Easy setup and industry-leading customer service: Invoca’s solution is easy for your end users to configure — it requires only a simple piece of javascript code deployed on a website. We’ve also been the leader in the G2 Enterprise Grid® Report for Inbound Call Tracking for three years running, you can rest assured that Invoca’s industry-leading customer support will ensure the success of your clients. 
  • We’re dedicated to your success: Our commitment to your success as an Invoca partner spans financial incentives as well as investment in tools, training, and field support to help you win business and deliver successful customer outcomes.

How to Become an Invoca Channel Partner

It’s an exciting time to work with Invoca. When you partner with us, your end users will get access to a leading solution that can fuel revenue growth.

Are you interested in becoming an Invoca channel partner? Fill out this quick form and our partnerships team will be in touch!

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