Invoca Named Inc. Best Workplace of 2020

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Invoca Named Inc. Best Workplace of 2020

Invoca Named Inc. Best Workplace of 2020

Invoca is honored to be listed in the Inc. Best Workplaces of 2020, which marks our third consecutive year as an honoree. Our celebration looks a lot different this year, as employees continue to work from home during the outbreak. However, spirits remain high as employees find new ways to foster a connection with their team, celebrate the wins, and serve our customers.

Invoca is committed to continuously improving our efforts to support all employees. This year, we invested time to increase our diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. See this statement from our CEO, Gregg Johnson, for a full outline of our new DI&E actions and policies. 

We spoke with employees all across the company and asked how they are being supported by their teams in addition to Invoca’s people and culture and leadership teams.

Creating New Ways to Foster Connection

Sara Ebber | Customer Success

“This month I celebrated my Invoca anniversary! My team couldn't be together to celebrate, so instead my boss sent a bottle of wine and the best ever photo-shopped picture of us as a team. The unexpected joy of being together to celebrate brightened my day.”

Creative workiversary gifts.

Kaela Disney | Product

“Invoca is actively promoting online resources and activities to help stimulate employee engagement. For instance, we have events set up like Live Stream Yoga, "water cooler" meetings to pop in a say hi, and foundational learning courses around "thriving in times of change.”

Dan Pramann | Engineering

“As an already 100% remote employee, one with small children, the level of understanding, communication, and transparency from Invoca has been amazing. Things like "Show and Tells" (with children!), "Fireside Chats", and an epic Scavenger Hunt for "Bring Your Kid To Work Day" that had my children ecstatic.”

Balancing Life and Work in New Ways

Ed Boyle | Business Systems

“Everyone quickly reset their expectations around the idea that their home and family life are now incorporated into their work life, both for themselves and other Invocans. We now know more about each other's kids, pets and home decor than we ever have. Again, Invoca, best company to work for, ever.”

Invoca employee receives medical exam during Monday morning meetings.

Laraine Hart | Customer Success

“Our team provides the resources needed to effectively support our clients, coordinates remote social interactions, and encourages us during times of uncertainty. You never know who is going to visit our daily standup — a pet, a kid, a spouse, a roommate — but we roll with it.”

Daniel Fulmer | Finance

“Invoca has felt business as usual during the company-wide work from home policy. I feel very lucky to be able to work for a company that can go full remote at a moment’s notice without any disruptions.”

Finding Calm Through Transparent Leadership

Keifer Morris | Sales

“It all starts with the communication. The team meets a few times a day to share industry insights and discuss what is working and how we can overcome the new challenges in this current work environment.”

Mallory Capraro | Customer Success

“I love the weekly check-ins from our CEO. It really reinforces that we are supported from the top down while we encounter challenges we probably couldn't even imagine before now. That employee-centric approach makes it obvious that it's that best-foot-forward we all can see as we work with our customers and experience these times together.”

Natalia Burris | Marketing 

“Invoca was one of the first companies that I know of to take action and embrace our ability for remote work. While working from home full-time offers a lot of new challenges, like sharing space and coordinating quiet time to take meetings, Invoca has been both understanding and flexible. This shows how deeply the company cares for the health and well being of everyone on the team.”

Virtual escape room team building activity.

Staying True to What Makes Invoca a Best Workplace

At Invoca, we make decisions guided by our four core company values:

  1. Help each other thrive
  2. Light the customer’s way
  3. Figure it out
  4. Continuous improvement

As we navigate the rapidly changing times, we are looking to these core values to drive the best actions for our employees, customers, partners, and investors. A focus on consistent and transparent communication has empowered rapid and effective transformation across the company. As employees shared above — from a company-wide work from home initiative in early March 2020 to weekly all-hands Q&As with the CEO — Invoca is taking actions to live by our core values and provide support to all employees.

A special thank you to our dedicated, communicative, passionate, and thoughtful employees for making Invoca a Best Workplace. If you would like to join the team, see open opportunities at

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