Visit Invoca at Adobe Summit 2022 to Learn How to Personalize Digital-to-Call Experiences

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Visit Invoca at Adobe Summit 2022 to Learn How to Personalize Digital-to-Call Experiences

Are you planning to attend Adobe Summit 2022? This year’s summit will be virtual and will include more than 200 sessions, interactive training workshops, and virtual learning opportunities. The theme of the event is “Making the digital economy personal.”  

Adobe Summit 2022 features speakers from industry-leading companies like Dell Technologies, DHL, IBM, and Virgin Atlantic. They’ll share how they personalize experiences to better serve their customers. You’ll leave the sessions with actionable tips and strategies you can bring back to your organization. Check out the full session catalog here

In addition, the event will feature a session called “Sneaks,” where Kristen Bell showcases new features fresh from Adobe’s product development labs. Tune in to get an exclusive preview of the innovations Adobe is cooking up! 

I know you’re probably salivating over this tantalizing buffet of digital marketing content and can’t wait to dig into the rich insights and best practices. But if that somehow wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, I should mention that Invoca will be a Gold Sponsor of the event! 

In this post, I’ll cover the importance of personalizing the customer experience and share how Invoca’s integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud can help. If you want to learn more, stop by our virtual booth to enter our giveaway, join our roundtable discussion, or get a live demo of our solution in action! 

Why Personalization Is a Must-Have for Today’s Marketers and CX Teams

Today’s consumers expect some level of personalization during the buying process. For example, we can all agree it’s a poor experience when an eCommerce site asks you to re-enter your information, even though you’re a returning customer. Moments like this waste your customers’ time, make them feel like they aren’t valued, and could cause them to cut ties with your brand. In fact, a study by PwC found that 32% of people will stop doing business with a brand they love after just a single bad experience. 

Most brands have invested significant resources into personalizing the online experiences. However, fewer are taking steps to create a unified digital-to-call experience. Some see the “offline” experience of phone calls as separate from the online experience. But the truth is, today’s customer often bounces between multiple channels before they make a purchase. To maintain high conversion rates, you need to ensure that they have a seamless experience every step of the way. 

It’s clear that personalization is no longer a nice-to-have for today’s marketer — it’s a must-have. But scaling it across your entire customer base can be a challenge. To address this, brands are utilizing AI. Harvard Business Review found that global organizations that use AI to scale personalization achieve a 40%-100% increase in net revenue

When you connect Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence with Adobe Experience Cloud, you can unify the full digital-to-call experience. As a result, you can get complete revenue attribution for phone call conversions, create seamless experiences regardless of channel, and build higher-converting audience segments. 

So, how does Invoca’s Adobe integration work? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.  

How You Can Use Invoca’s Adobe Integrations to Personalize Omnichannel Experiences

Invoca and Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics helps marketers capture, understand, segment, and target their web audiences. By connecting Invoca to your Adobe Analytics account, you can tie each phone call your business receives to the caller’s unique Adobe Visitor ID. This allows you to improve digital conversion rates by measuring exactly where customers leave your site and reach out by phone. You can then make the appropriate tweaks to the experience so that customers can more easily convert online, if they choose.

Check out the video below to see it in action. 

Invoca and Adobe Target

Adobe Target is an A/B testing and personalization tool that helps you optimize and personalize your marketing assets. When you connect Adobe Target to your Invoca account, you can incorporate call conversions in your A/B tests, in addition to online conversion data. This allows you to track which keywords, layouts, and tactics generate the most call conversions. 

Invoca and Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud is a cross-channel advertising platform that helps you optimize your digital and offline ad spend. When you integrate Invoca with your Adobe Advertising Cloud account, you can get visibility into calls and call conversions from your landing pages, as well as from Google Call Extension ads.

This allows you to get real-time campaign attribution for phone calls, down to the keyword. You can also retarget based on what was said in the conversation. Finally, you can suppress ads to customers that already converted by phone.

Invoca and Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a Data Management Platform that helps you gather and organize your customer data, create marketing segments, and more. With Invoca, you can send data about your callers to Adobe Audience Manager — this includes demographic data about the caller as well as insights from the conversation. This allows you to find new high-value segments and deliver more targeted experiences.

Invoca and Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch is a Tag Management platform that helps you gather data and coordinate your integrations and deployments from across your marketing apps. By connecting Invoca to your Adobe Launch account, you can quickly and easily deploy your Invoca Tag in any site in which you’ve deployed Launch.

Why Healthcare Marketers and CX Teams Use Invoca and Adobe to Personalize Patient Experiences

Marketers and CX specialists across industries use Invoca and Adobe to personalize caller experiences and drive more conversions. However, recently we’ve seen a big uptick in adoption in the healthcare space. The pandemic has created a seismic shift in how patients expect healthcare to be delivered — more than ever, they want fully connected, personalized, and empathetic experiences. 

According to an Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision Survey, 81% of healthcare executives say the pace of digital transformation is accelerating. Some have even postulated that if you haven’t started your digital transformation efforts, it’s too late. To rise to this challenge, healthcare marketers are using Invoca and Adobe to unify their data and connect digital and call experiences. 

In the video below, Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health, explains the importance of unifying data across your platforms to deliver empathy to patients at scale.

Learn More at Our Virtual Booth!

Invoca’s Adobe Experience Cloud integrations can help you create top-tier customer experiences that increase conversion rates. But don’t just take our word for it! Below is what one of our customers, Jim Bradley, Digital MarTech architect at Evolytics had to say:

“Customers often ask me how to integrate call and voice data with digital data, and it’s frequently a missing component in their analytics strategy. Through the combination of Adobe Analytics and Invoca, we've bridged that digital divide by connecting digital touch points to phone conversations that are being driven by marketing campaigns and marketing dollars.”

To learn more about our Adobe integrations, you can request a demo.

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