Invoca + DialogTech: Accelerating Revenue with Conversation Intelligence

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Invoca + DialogTech: Accelerating Revenue with Conversation Intelligence

At Invoca, our vision is to help brands deliver the ideal buying journey, combining digital experience and the human touch, to delight consumers and accelerate revenue growth. From our roots of serving marketers, we have expanded our technology platform to support sales, eCommerce, and customer experience teams. And with rapid innovations in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the opportunity to tie digital interactions together with human-to-human conversation — what we call “conversation intelligence” — has never been greater.

That is why I am so excited to announce that Invoca has acquired DialogTech, an AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution. As a combined company, we have over 300 employees, more than 2,000 customers, and a world-class ecosystem of technology partners, agencies, and digital consulting firms. 

The teams at Invoca and DialogTech share a common belief that conversations play a critical role in the relationship between consumers and brands. While digital interactions are becoming more ubiquitous in the customer experience, the “moments of truth” when consumers reach out to brands are critical. This is especially true in industries with complex products, such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and automotive, and it frequently occurs in the early stages of the customer journey — a phase that we call the “buyer experience.” At this point, brands lack much first-party data about consumers they are just getting to know, and consumers face the daunting task of making a complicated purchase decision. (Think of the stress associated with applying for a mortgage or buying a car.) The stakes are high for both sides, so getting the experience right is critical. 

For years, our teams have built innovative technology solutions to improve how brands manage these experiences. As more companies recognize the importance of the buyer experience and adopt conversation intelligence, we see several key benefits to customers in bringing Invoca and DialogTech together:

  • Faster innovation. Invoca has a long history of product innovation in areas from dynamic number insertion to AI-powered conversation classification. By instantly doubling our engineering team with technical experts that share deep market knowledge, we will accelerate our product roadmap and deliver more solutions to our customers.
  • More strategic advice and support. In emerging categories like conversation intelligence, you aren’t simply buying technology from a partner — you also benefit from strategic perspective and best practices. DialogTech has extensive experience in several key industries — including healthcare, automotive, and financial services — and has organized customer success teams by vertical. The incorporation of these teams and their accumulated knowledge into Invoca will result in more significant business impact for our customers.
  • Broader and deeper ecosystem. Activating conversation intelligence insights in a variety of digital marketing, CRM, and customer experience platforms is critical to delivering the ideal buying experience and increasing revenue. With DialogTech, we will extend our integrations to an even wider set of technology partners in digital marketing and the contact center. Through this acquisition, we also expand relationships with agencies and digital consultancies that provide complementary services and make shared customers more successful.

One core tenet remains unchanged among Invoca and DialogTech employees: a commitment to customer success. We expect that you will see clear improvements in technology and account team engagement as a result of this transaction. 

The future of Invoca is brighter than ever, and I’m looking forward to sharing more developments with you in the months ahead!

Read the press release here for more details.

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