Industry Signals: Pre-Built. Pre-Tested. Pretty Amazing.

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Industry Signals: Pre-Built. Pre-Tested. Pretty Amazing.

OK, amazing is a pretty strong word but to set the stage, let’s back up a bit. We analyzed hundreds of thousands of customer calls to provide you with the most accurate and easy- to-deploy call analytics ever. Since every business’ customers and calls are different, we now provide pre-built phrase spotting Signals built specifically for 11 industries. Invoca’s new Industry Signals make setting up our call analytics even simpler so you can start getting accurate, actionable conversation intelligence data on day one.

Why You Need Invoca’s Pre-Built Industry Phrase Spotting Signals

Our pre-built Industry Signals utilize our phrase spotting technology to enable you to automatically detect conversions, product interest, call drivers, and more. This enables you to quickly understand the critical moments in each call that result in revenue-generating conversions. When combined with Invoca’s unmatched granular digital customer journey data — like web pages, ads, campaigns and keywords that drove the call — you can optimize your marketing to acquire more high-value customers. 

Invoca’s Industry Signals also help you pick up on poor customer experiences that are driving down conversion rates. If a broken webpage, janky online shopping cart, or missing information is driving people to call, you can quickly detect and fix these issues to free up contact center agents to handle high-value calls and provide a superior customer experience. 

All of the digital customer journey and conversation data collected along the way is processed in real time as the call takes place and is available for reporting as soon as the call ends. All of this rich first-party data can then be streamed to your martech stack — from ad platforms, CRMs, and CDPs — so you can take automated action on it right away. From automatically adjusting keyword bidding with tools like Google Ads Smart Bidding to ad suppression and retargeting to updating customer objects in your CRM to audience building, you can make your marketing more efficient and effective with less effort.

Quickly activating conversation data is more important than ever as marketers look for new ways to do more with less as they’re forced to stretch their budgets in the tight economy we’re all facing. Understanding where to target for the highest value callers who are most likely to convert helps increase the ROI on even the tightest budget. For example, Rogers Communications used Invoca to target their highest value customers and reduce their Google Ads CPA by 82%! 

What Makes Invoca’s Industry Signals Better Than The Rest

Invoca’s pre-built Industry Signals are based on exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of customer calls to ensure their accuracy right out of the box. We also have more pre-built signals for more industries than anyone else. We have Industry Signals for 11 different industries including:

Each Industry Signal package includes:

  • Intent-based Signals with hundreds of the most impactful keywords and phrases that capture the customer’s intent
  • Outcome-based Signals that show the outcome of the call, specifically conversion events

These Signals were built by analyzing hundreds of thousands of calls and testing the Signals for accuracy. Furthermore they come with some hefty benefits:

  • They are pre-built and extensively tested
  • They work right out of the box
  • They are a great way for businesses to quickly get value from conversation analytics

While the 11 industries covered in this launch satisfy a wide array of business types, the Invoca team is continuing to investigate additional industry types to broaden our Industry Signal offering in the not-so-distant future.

Invoca Keyword Spotting Signals in Action

The best part of this or any new feature at Invoca is watching our customers’ success. One great example is from Viasat who saw a whopping 74% increase in call conversion rate after implementing a conversion keyword spotting Signal:

Invoca allows us to be more efficient and place our spend in the campaigns and tactics that are driving sales. Previously, we only really had insights into calls, but the conversion Signals helped to close that loop and bridge the online-to-offline gap.

You can read Viasat’s full success story here

Schedule a customized demo to learn more about Invoca Industry Signals and learn why Invoca is the easiest way to implement conversation intelligence for your business. Already an Invoca customer? Awesome! Just reach out to your customer service manager to get started. 

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