How to Create Summer-Themed Marketing Campaigns

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How to Create Summer-Themed Marketing Campaigns

Summer is finally here and unless you are selling sunscreen, you might want to take a look at how to create interesting marketing campaigns to boost your sales. Summer campaigns give you more space to be fun and creative compared to regular campaigns that you run year-round regardless of the season. Here are some strategies for creating summer-themed marketing campaigns to help drive conversions and revenue:

1. Host a social media photo contest

Chances are, your customers are traveling during the summer and taking hundreds of vacation selfies to post on social media. Take advantage of the uptick in activity and host a photo contest. Repost some of the best pictures on your account, and tag the customer’s account. Be sure to include an incentive, as it will instantly increase the engagement with your campaign. It can be a giveaway, discount/promotion code, etc. Fun ways to do run a photo contest:

  • Use a branded hashtag 
  • Provide small weekly or monthly prizes
  • Use Instagram stories to highlight “runners up”

These strategies are also great if you are looking to get higher engagement from your audience and attract new followers. 

2. Send emails, not texts

With many people traveling and not being able to check or even receive their text messages, emails are a great way to reach them. Create a summer-themed newsletter that is concise, but still contains important takeaways.

3. Mix summer holidays into your campaigns

Independence Day is definitely one of the most popular summer holidays in the U.S. But, did you know that there are many smaller holidays you can use in your marketing campaigns? Here are just a few:

  • National Strawberry Sundae Day: July 7
  • National Hammock Day: July 22
  • National S’mores Day: August 10
  • National Just Because Day: August 27

Adding these unusual holidays to your marketing campaigns can help you be more creative and gain more engaged responses from your customers.

4. Focus on creating visual content

When people are busy catching flights and booking their next scuba diving session, they usually tend to have less time to read a lengthy piece of content, which is why it’s more effective to generate intriguing and eye-catching images, gifs, or videos.

5. Connect with your customers

Connect with your local customers by hosting fun events, such as family outdoor movie nights, water gun fights, scavenger hunts, make your own ice cream day, etc. This is a great chance for you and your customers to get to know each other and increase brand recognition.

6. Create witty, summer-related blog posts

Switching up your blog content during the summertime can be exciting for both you and your audience. If your content tends to be more serious and business-oriented, how about writing a few lighthearted summer posts? Here are some funny blog post ideas:

  • 10 annoying little summer traits that make you want to move to Antarctica
  • Summer TV shows you don’t want to miss out on
  • How to pack for a weekend getaway like a pro
  • Best drinks for hot days when you just “can’t even”

Incorporate your brand throughout by suggesting your products and services. It’s a unique way to catch attention because it doesn’t feel like the marketing that consumers are used to seeing from your brand.

7. Attend local events

Summer is also a great time to expand your own personal marketing network. Find out what local events interest you and plan your visit. It could be a weekly book club meeting or a big industry conference you have always been wanting to attend. You can re-energize and bring back what you learned to your fall planning.

8. Offer a special summer promotion

Discounts, or any type of sales promotion, are always a good way to catch your customers’ attention. Plan your seasonal promotion ahead of time and release it with your summer-themed marketing campaign for the best ROI!

An example would be a healthcare insurance company running a summer sales promotion where they offer new customers who sign up during summer certain amount of discount. It will draw more attention to your product or service and people would be more inclined to sign up while the promotion is still going.

9. Release a new summer product/service

Depending on your business goals, you can work with your product team to design a new summer-themed product or a service. Target consumers can be drawn to your brand by signing up for a seasonal or temporary product release.

10. Find a partner

Find a local restaurant or a store to partner up with and host events for your customers or organize a summer product or service launch. It could be an exciting new experiment where both you and your business partner can increase brand recognition.  

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