Invoca Employee Spotlight: Kamerynn Harrah

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Invoca Employee Spotlight: Kamerynn Harrah

The past year at Invoca has been filled with growth — we acquired DialogTech, doubled the size of our company, and raised a funding round that leveled us up to unicorn status. Much of our success can be attributed to our strong company culture. Invoca has been named a Great Places to Work winner for five years running, and, in the survey, our employees used words like “flexible,” “transparent,” and “amazing” to describe our workplace.

To celebrate our success, we want to shine a spotlight on the people who have made all of this possible: our amazing employees. Today, we’re featuring Kamerynn Harrah, Software Engineering Manager at Invoca. Kamerynn was originally part of DialogTech before Invoca acquired the company in 2021.

Check out our Q&A with Kamerynn below, where he talks about Invoca’s company culture, balancing parenting with work, and Invoca’s tech book club.

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How would you describe Invoca’s company culture? 

The company culture at Invoca is fantastic. It's hard to describe; it's something you have to experience. We keep our Zoom meetings to a minimum, but when we hop on calls together, the energy is amazing. Everyone’s jazzed up and the chat is really active — it helps me feel really connected to my teammates. It was an easy transition coming in from DialogTech after the acquisition.

Can you discuss Invoca’s work-life balance? 

The work-life balance at Invoca is awesome. I have two young boys, ages one and three, so some days at my house are absolutely crazy. Invoca is very supportive of my parenting commitments — if I need to take some time to drop my kids off at preschool or doctor appointments, everyone is totally cool with it. And if my little boy comes running into a Zoom meeting and grabs my keyboard, my teammates just laugh it off. Nobody minds. 

What makes Invoca a unique environment to work in? 

The transparency and genuine communication from leadership has been really refreshing. Everybody has a clear picture of the direction we're heading and the challenges we're facing. It feels like the whole company is completely aligned.

Is Invoca more or less collaborative than other places you’ve worked?

Invoca is a really collaborative place to work. There is great cross-team cooperation throughout the whole engineering department and everyone is always willing to help out with your project if you hit a roadblock. 

Invoca also has this program called “donut meetings” where you can sign up to get randomly paired with another person in the organization. This helps you build relationships with people you don’t normally work with and you get an opportunity to talk to them and talk about what they do at Invoca as well as their interests outside of work. It's a great way to connect and collaborate.

At some organizations, it can feel like you’re doing the same thing every day. How is Invoca different? 

On the engineering team at Invoca, the day-to-day can vary quite a bit. The main reason for that is that each Invoca engineering team owns the services they work on end-to-end. So, some days I'm writing front-end code, some days I'm writing back-end code, and some days I'm working on infrastructure-related things. The nature of the work is always changing and that's really exciting. It helps you become a well-rounded engineer, solve interesting problems, and truly own the things that you’re working on.

Can you describe Invoca’s approach to employee feedback? 

Invoca really cares about employee feedback. We get the opportunity to give anonymous feedback in surveys every two weeks. We can share our thoughts about how the company is doing and if we’re encountering any issues. Invoca is very interested in not only collecting feedback from the people who work here — but actually making changes based on that feedback to improve the company culture.

For example: Invoca focuses heavily on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and we regularly review DEI metrics as a department. I remember someone expressed that they wanted to see more specific metric breakdowns, and leadership quickly addressed the feedback and included the metrics in the next report. It was a great example of listening to employee feedback. 

Can you talk about the caliber of employees Invoca hires?

The people at Invoca are amazing. Every department is filled with intelligent and talented people, and they’re all very kind and willing to help out. I also love how interesting my teammates are — there are a huge number of Slack channels about their personal interests, like music, video games, dogs, hiking, parenting, and more. It’s really easy to find others who share your interests and to connect with them.

In your view, is Invoca on strong footing for the future? If so, why? 

Invoca is growing at a really fast pace. Our financial targets have been pretty ambitious and we've hit them. Invoca also acquired the old company I worked at, DialogTech, and that was a huge win. I think the company will continue to grow substantially over the next couple of years, especially the engineering department. We invest a lot in our product and it will be exciting to work on new challenges as we continue to grow.

Can you talk about some of your other pursuits here at Invoca. I hear you started a tech book club?

Yeah, so the tech book club is an opportunity for the engineering team to continue learning outside of work. We’ll decide as a group which software engineering book we want to read and Invoca will cover the costs of our books. Then we meet up every three weeks to discuss what we learned and how we can apply it. 

Recently, we’ve read books about designing data-intensive applications, microservices, object oriented programming, and more. We cover all different kinds of subject areas in engineering. The club includes folks from across the whole engineering department as well as leadership. We have a good mix of people, and it’s a lot of fun!

What’s your favorite thing about working here? 

My favorite thing about working at Invoca as a software engineer is the type of problems that we get to solve. As an engineer here, you get to work on large-scale problems and important problems, from our machine learning and data science capabilities to our infrastructure. Our work is often large in scale and includes millions and millions of units of data. It can often be difficult to face these kinds of challenges, but it’s very rewarding. I’ve grown a lot here as an engineer because of it.

At other companies I've worked at, you kind of can operate in a silo where you're working on your project by yourself. But that’s not the case here. We’re always working together as a team and helping out across different functions. There are a lot of really smart people at Invoca that you can kind of tap into for their knowledge and get their feedback. 

If you could say one thing to someone thinking of working here, what would it be? 

Go for it! Invoca is a fantastic place to work. I love working here, and you can tell everybody else loves working here too. 

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