9 Reasons Customers Hate Calling Your Business And How To Fix It

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9 Reasons Customers Hate Calling Your Business And How To Fix It

We’ve all experienced a bad phone call with a business at some point. The horrible hold music, the agent who doesn’t seem to know anything, multiple incorrect department transfers...

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud allows you, the digital marketer, to easily design a better call experience that leaves your customers and sales reps or call center agents a whole lot happier. And this translates to a huge impact on your bottom line. It’s a win-win.

Start building a better experience for your callers today. Check out the nine most common reasons customers hate calling your business, and what you can do to turn it around.

1. Can’t Find your Phone Number Anywhere

This may seem like an obvious complaint, but you would be surprised how many businesses fail to include a phone number on their search ads, website, and landing pages. According to BIA/Kelsey, annual calls to business from smartphones will reach 162 billion by 2019. People want to call, especially in industries like insurance, financial services, healthcare, home services, etc. so if you aren't making it super easy, you're losing customers.

The solution: It’s pretty simple: phone calls need to be a prominent call to action and an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Use landing pages, paid search ads, email campaigns, -- basically anywhere a customer interacts with your business -- to allow consumers to connect over the phone. With Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud, you have the tools to put dynamic phone numbers and click-to-call buttons everywhere. The best part is these numbers are trackable so you can always see the marketing efforts that are driving calls.

2. Have to Memorize a Phone Number

Your customers are mobile, and they shouldn’t be expected to write down your phone number or memorize it and punch it into their phone to make a call. Consumers have come to expect a higher level of convenience from businesses, especially when it comes to mobile.

The solution: Create a seamless mobile experience that moves customers from a search ad or landing page to a phone call with a single touch of a button. Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud allows you to add a snippet of Javascript code to your website, landing pages, and even emails that will automatically generate a click to call button for mobile users.

3. A Confusing Phone Menu

If it takes more than three steps for a caller to get connected with the right department for their needs, there's something wrong. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be a helpful tool to ensure a successful caller experience, but when done wrong, it can become a customer's worst nightmare. And that poor experience is costing you potential revenue. In fact, 74% of people say they are likely to choose another business after a poor experience over the phone.

The solution: With Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud you can create a simple phone tree, using our IVR, that you can test and optimize in real time. If you find callers are getting routed to the wrong destination, or that they are dropping off at a certain point in the menu, you know you need to change the prompt language or the overall menu architecture.

Invoca also has intelligent routing so you can rely less on the IVR and phone tree to route callers. Intelligent routing lets you automatically route or filter calls based on key data like which marketing campaign drove the call, geolocation of the caller, whether they are a new or repeat caller, as well as, demographic data. Callers are routed to the best location or department to accomplish their goals. And you will save time and resources focusing on the high-value calls that impact your bottom line.

4. Getting Trapped in a Never-ending Transfer Loop

The one thing worse than getting lost in a complicated IVR is getting trapped in multiple transfers between various departments in a company. Not only does it waste your customer's time, it's also wasting your employees' time -- time they could use to focus on high-value calls your business actually wants. In addition to unnecessary transfers, there is nothing more annoying than having to repeat information to each person you connect with in your transfer saga.

The solution: Again, you can use Invoca's intelligent routing to automatically ensure calls are directed to the right place. Invoca can also provide your sales reps and call center agents the information they need to successfully handle a phone call. From the moment a caller picks up the phone, the agent will be able to see basic information that will help them personalize the conversation and save time by not requiring the caller to repeat basic information.

5. Endless Hold Times (with Bad Hold Music)

Your customers are busy, on-the-go, and don’t have time to sit on the phone listening to your terrible hold music for hours on end. It’s safe to say everyone has experienced an excessively long hold (and the really bad music) while waiting to connect with a business. Thanks to the rise of mobile and the digital experience, 53% of people will only stay on hold for five minutes or less. So you are turning away revenue by forcing customers to wait on hold.

The solution: You can use Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud to identify specific times/days of peak call volume. Then you can use this valuable data to staff sales teams or call centers to ensure they can effectively manage the call volume. Invoca's call routing and filtering capabilities also make sure junk phone calls or customer service calls won't end up in the sales queue.

6. Can’t Get in Touch with a Real Human

It may come as a shock, but customers who make the effort to pick up the phone and call your business expect to speak with a real human. They expect a direct, personal, real-time conversation where they can get their questions answered and accomplish their goals.

The solution: Make it easy for a caller to connect with a live person. In addition to automated options, your phone system should include an option for callers to directly connect with a representative to help them with complicated and/or personalized questions or requests.

7. Dealing with an Unprepared Sales Rep

The only thing worse than not being able to connect with a live human when you call a business is having an unsuccessful conversation with an unhelpful sales rep. The interaction a customer has with a sales rep or call center agent can have a big effect on the entire customer experience and your bottom line.

The solution: Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud helps you understand what happens on a phone call without sacrificing the caller’s privacy. Invoca transcribes phone conversations and then analyzes them in real-time to reveal valuable insights relevant to your business. So you will have insight into how effective sales scripts are, common questions customers have, popular products/services mentioned on calls, which competitors are mentioned, and more. You can access all of this valuable data without the agonizing effort of manually reviewing individual call recordings.

8. Online and Offline Experiences Don’t Match

Customers have high expectations for businesses, and they’re only going to get higher as more technology and data are developed. A perfect digital experience is no longer enough. It’s time to think bigger by blending the online and offline experience into a complete customer journey.

The solution: Use Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud to tie the digital experience and the caller experience into one seamless journey. The sales rep will have the context they need when they answer the call to have an effective conversation with the customer, and the customer will benefit from a successful experience. You will benefit from higher customer satisfaction and a great ROI.

9. Irrelevant Follow-up Messages

When a customer hangs up the phone after a successful purchase, the last thing they want to see is a retargeting ad on Facebook featuring the item they just purchased with an additional discount -- awkward...

The solution: You can send call data to your marketing automation, retargeting platform, and all your other marketing tech with Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud. The valuable call data will allow you to follow up with relevant and personalized emails, display ads, and more. This way you can ensure your customers are being served the best message for their interests and purchase history. And this will result in cross-sells, upsells, and increased customer loyalty.

Don’t settle for bad calls. With Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud you have all of the tools you need to make phone calls a valuable part of the customer journey.

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