7 Ways Invoca Helps Marketing Agencies Turn Phone Calls Into Revenue

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7 Ways Invoca Helps Marketing Agencies Turn Phone Calls Into Revenue

We’ve all heard it before, but it bears repeating: quality over quantity. You can drive thousands of visits and clicks a day, but if none of those visitors convert, it doesn’t matter. You need to focus on generating quality leads, so start with some of the highest converting leads: phone calls.

Calls convert at 10 times the rate of clicks. And the best part is that you can easily use your existing media channels and affiliates to drive more high-quality phone calls. Invoca not only provides powerful call attribution, it provides deep caller insights and provides the tools to use insights to optimize everything from your media spend to your affiliate payouts.

Here are some of the most effective ways Invoca can help performance marketing agencies improve their bottom line.

1. Drive Calls Across Channels

You’re already using multiple marketing channels to generate leads. But generating phone calls, instead of clicks, from those same channels may be new. But I’ll let you in on a secret—it’s way easier than you think. Here’s how Invoca can make the transition seamless with each channel:

  • Search – Invoca integrates with Google Analytics, AdWords, and bid management software, so you can automatically optimize for high-quality calls the same way you optimize for clicks. Not only can you optimize bids to drive more calls, you can optimize to drive the types of calls you want.
  • Social – Target high-value customers with Invoca for Facebook and Invoca for Instagram. You’ll not only get full visibility into calls driven by social channels, you can use in-depth call data to improve ad targeting to reach even more potential customers.
  • Display – Drive calls directly from ads and landing pages and track the source and outcome of those calls. Feed this data into your media buying platforms to drive more of your best calls.
  • Email – Easily include phone numbers and click to call buttons in your emails and get full visibility when an email recipient converts offline.
  • Organic – Track when people call from your website and see what pages referred the call.
  • Offline – Yep, offline advertising can be tracked just like online advertising; you just need to include trackable phone numbers so you can track the source of each call. Put phone numbers on billboards, magazine ads, and fliers all with their own individual tracking phone numbers.

2. See Which Campaigns are Most Effective

With Invoca, you can see the entire online-offline customer journey, which means you can determine which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. Track call conversions to measure how well your campaigns perform both online and offline. Track call outcomes to see which calls actually resulted in revenue.

Invoca also provides rich caller data, like demographic details, caller intent, and more, for each call. Invoca can append all 3rd party data, like Whitepages data, to each call, so you have more insights into the type of prospects and calls you’re driving.

Call attribution data and customer insights can be used to optimize everything from your paid search keyword bids to your landing pages to your audience targeting. Your campaigns can’t afford to lack these insights.

3. Empower Affiliates to Drive Calls with Complete Visibility

Affiliates are a great way to broaden your marketing reach. But one of the riskiest parts of working with affiliates is the lack of visibility into the leads they generate. But now, you can let your affiliates drive high-quality calls while you tap into a new revenue stream without losing control or visibility. Invoca gives you granular attribution data showing what campaigns and affiliates are driving calls and revenue, taking the guesswork out of affiliate leads.

4. Easily Manage Affiliate Campaigns and Payouts

Using Invoca’s platform, you can create campaigns and allocate tracking phone numbers to affiliates in minutes. When partnering with affiliates, you have to make sure you’re paying for quality, not quantity. Invoca allows you to base affiliate payouts on detailed criteria you set. Use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like minimum call duration, call center hours, caller location, keypresses, demographic details, and call outcomes. Invoca captures this data in real-time so you can immediately see which calls have qualified for a payout.

5. Master Quality Control and Fraud Prevention

Control call quality using Invoca’s data which provides insights on caller profiles, call quality, and outcome. You can use payout criteria to also avoid paying for fraudulent calls. You can set payout criteria based on call outcomes (did the call result in a sale, appointment, quote, etc.) or call/caller criteria.

Payouts can be based on one, or a combination of, the following attributes:

  • Call duration – Call duration is a good indicator of value, so determine how long your highest converting calls are and set a minimum call duration.
  • Keypresses – Filter calls based on a caller's keypress responses to questions and prompts.
  • Call outcomes – Only pay for calls that result in sales, appointments, or other key conversion events.
  • Day and time – Only pay for calls that occur during business hours or when your call center is open
  • Geographic regions – Specify your target areas down to the zip code.
  • Demographic details – Create customer profiles based on household income, education, etc. so you can identify your best callers.
  • Voice signals – Track keywords or phrases spoken during the call.

6. Monetize More Calls with Real-Time Routing

Make sure each call is sent to the right place every time. Automatically route callers to the appropriate destination based on rules and logic you set up. This means you can route callers from a single campaign to any number of destinations to monetize the highest volume of traffic possible.

For example, agencies can run a single non-branded campaign that routes callers to different advertisers based on custom rules. This ensures each call is directed to the advertiser that best fits the caller and is most likely to convert the call.

You can route calls based on any of the data points Invoca captures, including:

  • Referring campaign
  • Referring landing page
  • Keypresses
  • Geographic location
  • Day and time of call

You can also route calls based on questions the caller answers on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To get more information about your callers before they’re connected with a representative, ask questions about product interest, age, and anything else that’s relevant to your product or industry.

7. Duplicate Campaigns Across Networks for Broader Reach

This is an advanced feature for agencies that want to seriously expand their distribution. With Invoca’s syndication feature, an agency can create a pay per call campaign and share it across performance marketing networks. This is an easy way to extend your reach without having to recreate and manage campaigns and partner relationships across multiple platforms.

The best way to improve your bottom line is to generate more conversions. So you need to go after the best converting leads, which are phone calls. Invoca gives you the tools and in-depth data to drive more phone calls while ensuring quality.

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