15 Ways Digital Marketers Drive More Revenue With Invoca

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15 Ways Digital Marketers Drive More Revenue With Invoca

As marketers, we’ve got the digital part down, right? Optimizing for clicks is in our blood. But if you haven’t integrated call intelligence into your digital marketing, you're missing out. As we all know, the customer journey isn’t exclusively online; nor is it exclusively offline. You need call intelligence to bridge the gap between digital and voice.

With Invoca, you get a complete view of each customer’s path to purchase, but don’t think Invoca is mere call tracking. Invoca also provides tools and data you can use to optimize the caller experience and the rest of the customer journey. To make a long story short, marketers are using Invoca to make a big impact on the bottom line.

Here are 15 ways real marketers are using Invoca to increase revenue.

1. Optimize Paid Search Keyword Bids

Don’t just optimize your keywords based on online conversions; optimize for calls, too. With Invoca, you can easily tie calls back to keywords, ads, campaigns, and landing pages.

You can also take it a step further and measure the quality and value of your call conversions. With hundreds of possible data points and insights from each call, you can determine if your keywords are actually generating quality traffic that results in sales. Data points include:

  • Call duration
  • Repeat vs. new caller
  • Key presses
  • Demographic data (location, gender, household income, etc.)
  • Caller intent
  • Call outcome
  • Revenue

The best part is that Invoca integrates with Google Analytics, AdWords, and bid management platforms, so you can set systems to automatically optimize for high-quality calls.

For example, Brady Corp, a global leader in the manufacturing of safety products used in workplaces, used Invoca for AdWords to calculate ROI from both online and call conversions. The result? They recognized more than a 40% increase in paid search ROI. They were able to optimize their marketing budget by allocating more money into paid search and increased the number of high-quality inbound phone calls.

2. Capture More Conversions by Driving Calls

Mobile Click to Call

When you include phone numbers and click-to-call buttons on your ads, emails, website, and landing pages, you’ll capture more conversions from people who prefer to call. In fact, due to mass mobile adoption, more people are calling businesses than ever. By 2020, annual calls to businesses from smartphones will reach 169 billion -- more than double the calls generated last year.

If you’re in an industry where customers typically need to make a call, you’ve probably already felt the effects of mobile on call volume (if you’re tracking calls, that is). Making prospects fill out lead forms, or navigate complex purchases on a small touchscreen isn’t ideal. Placing a call is easier for customers who are on the go, want quick answers, or need personal assistance.

3. Increase Return on Media Spend

Invoca gives you the granular call attribution for every marketing channel and type of media. By tracking call volume, quality, and outcome, you can see where to spend your money to get the biggest return.

Marketers using Invoca have discovered new opportunities to drive calls and increase revenue where they previously didn’t have visibility and didn’t realize there was an opportunity. In fact, many of Invoca’s customers have said that prior to using call intelligence, they thought certain channels weren’t profitable. For example, in certain industries, mobile search favors call conversions over online conversions. Without Invoca, mobile search would appear to be underperforming.

4. Run Better A/B Tests

Without call data, your A/B tests are faulty. While test losers may drive the least amount of clicks, they might actually be driving the most revenue through call conversions.

Many Invoca customers track call conversions to ensure their tests are reliable. With Invoca and our integrations with A/B testing platforms like Optimizely, marketers can see exactly which variations are most effective so they can customize their brand experience to the visitor.

Vivint A/B Test

Vivint Smart Home, a home security and automation company, A/B tested two landing pages using Invoca. They saw that landing page A generated more form fills, but landing page B drove 38% more calls, which translated into more far more sales. Vivint continued to run more tests and optimize with the new call data. Within two months, they increased the call conversion rate from their website by more than 70%.

5. Optimize Facebook Advertising

With Facebook’s Offline Conversions API, you can track phone calls and in-store purchases driven by Facebook ads. To make it even easier for marketers to optimize for phone calls, you can use Invoca for Facebook which gives you:

  • Granular attribution down to the ad level – gain actionable insights into campaigns, ad sets, and ads driving call conversions
  • Greater insight into target audiences – understand which target Facebook audiences have the highest propensity to call
  • Call data inside Facebook reporting – view Invoca call data within the standard Facebook reporting tools

6. Route Calls in Real-Time with Contextual Signals

There is so much opportunity to increase revenue by simply improving the caller experience and closing more calls. In fact, eMarketer reports that consumers feel like the phone is the most frustrating channel. This translates into a lot of lost business. Our research found that after a bad caller experience, 76% of consumers are likely or very likely to choose another business.

To avoid unhappy callers, make sure calls are automatically routed to the right agent or department ...without complicated phone menus or annoying transfers. Invoca’s call personalization features automatically routes calls based on contextual clues like caller geo-location, the landing page they called from, if they are a repeat caller, and even demographic data. These contextual signals indicate a caller's product interest, intent and more so you send the right call to the right destination every time.  

7. Empower Sales Agents to Have Personal Conversations

Real-Time Caller Profile

Invoca arms sales departments with caller insights in real time. So when a prospect calls in, the agent can see relevant details like their name, the campaign they called from, their address, and more. With this information, agents can have the most relevant and personalized conversations possible. They also don’t have to waste time obtaining basic identifying information or asking qualifying questions. This means happier customers and more efficient agents.  

8. Improve Sales Agent Performance

Using Invoca’s voice analytics you can determine the value and outcome of each call. It scans each customer phone call for important spoken keywords or phrases so you don’t have to listen to individual calls. It also makes it easy to spot areas for agent improvement.

  • Are agents using outdated scripts?
  • Are they spending too much time on the phone instead of closing deals?
  • Are they responding to customer concerns appropriately?

These questions can be easily monitored using Invoca technology, allowing you to make improvements where necessary.

9. Add New Data Layers for Audience Segmentation

Invoca gives you visibility into your customers’ path to purchase, product preferences, needs, interests, and pain points. All of this information makes segmenting and targeting your audience easier and much more effective.  Here are several data points you can use to segment your audience:

  • Geographic location
  • Call outcome
  • Caller intent
  • Product interest
  • Call activity
  • Demographic data
  • Website browsing history
  • Competitor threat
  • Psychographic information

10. Update Messaging with Caller Insights

Phone conversations provide valuable customer insights that you can’t get any other way. Use those caller insights to optimize your messaging. With voice analytics you can capture caller intent, common questions, competitor threat, and more. You can then use that information to improve messaging on your ads, landing pages, emails, and other marketing pieces.

For example, if you notice many of your callers asking the same question about your product or service, address the question on a landing page. That way, you know your copy reflects actual customer concerns and may results in more conversions if their concerns are addressed upfront.

11. Target Converted Callers with Upsell and Cross-sell Offers

Once a customer converts over the phone, marketers have the opportunity to create a loyal customer. Make sure you update your other marketing systems with call data, including the call outcome, so you can automatically send an email or retargeting campaigns to converted callers with an upsell or cross-sell offer. For example, you can send a cross-sell offer with a discount on a complementary product to the one they just purchased or to another product they mentioned in their phone conversation. These emails are a great way to personalize your customer communication and show you were paying attention during the conversation.

12. Close Unconverted Callers

There are a million different reasons a caller may not convert over the phone. Maybe they’re not ready to complete a purchase, or they want to do more research, or their phone died. For those callers who didn’t take the plunge, you still need to update your other marketing systems with call data, including call outcome, so you can send an automatic email or retargeting campaign. You can even include a special discount to motivate your prospects to pull the trigger.

13. Enhance the Entire Customer Journey with Call Insights

With Invoca, you have a complete view of the customer journey. Understanding who's calling and why gives you insights to improve the rest of the customer journey.

improve the customer journey

For example, with Invoca you can send a personalized email that promotes a product or service discussed on the phone call. Or you can personalize your website based on the product the customer purchased by syncing Invoca with your RTP (real-time personalization) platform. With Invoca’s rich data and integrations, marketers are bridging the online-offline gap to deliver truly omnichannel experiences.

The customer journey doesn’t necessarily end with a purchase; make sure you continue to cater to repeat customers.

14. Increase Marketing Reach with Affiliate Partners

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Reach more prospects by partnering with affiliate marketers who know how to drive the types of quality calls you want. With Invoca’s Certified Call Partner Program, brands can connect with affiliate partners who have access to whole new audiences. With Invoca, you can track call conversions back to affiliates so you know the best sources of calls and revenue. Invoca’s Pay Per Call platform makes it easy to create campaigns, track calls, manage payouts, and more.

15. Expand Marketing Reach with Lookalike Audiences

Feed Invoca’s caller data into your DMP to reach new audiences with characteristics that match your best quality callers. This type of look-alike modeling can drive 2-3x the conversion rates of traditional targeting.

If it feels like you just drank from a fire hose, that’s ok. You’re not alone. Phone calls represent a huge and largely untapped source of rich data, customer insights, and ultimately, and opportunity for digital marketers to increase revenue.

If you'd like to learn more about how Invoca can help you do your job better, schedule a demo. We’d love to talk to you.

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