3 Simple Tips For Acquiring New Customers With Social Media

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3 Simple Tips For Acquiring New Customers With Social Media

Marketers are pouring money into social media. This year, they'll spend $10.45 billion on social media alone according to eMarketer’s U.S. Social Trends for 2016. But what are these billions getting us? If it’s not securing the undying love of new customers, we’re paying way too much.

So how do we get our money's worth on social? Since we know that just shelling out the dough isn't going to work, here are three simple tips to make you socially irresistible to new customers.

1. Personalize your Ads

How many times have you been on Facebook or Instagram and seen an ad for a product  you just Googled earlier that day? As a marketer, I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but every time I say, “How did they know???” While our marketing omniscience may be creepy to some, it’s a lot better than the alternative: serving prospects irrelevant ads they'll never click on, or even notice in a million years.

With today’s marketing technology, there are so many ways to personalize your social media ads to cater directly to your customers. You can personalize your ads based on interests (offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), behaviors (offered by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), geography, and many other customer attributes

And with Facebook’s Offline Conversions, you have more options when it comes to ad targeting. Facebook’s Offline Conversions allows you to track phone calls and in-store purchases driven by Facebook ads. With this additional data, you can improve your ad targeting using unique insights gathered from phone calls and in-store activity.

When it comes down to it, customers want to know you’re paying attention to them and are trying to get them what they want. So ramp up your personalization game to make your ads more relevant to your audience.

2. Offer Great Content

When businesses first started getting on social media, it was mostly about creating a business page and posting a status whenever you remembered you had a profile. But now, business profiles need to be a lot more engaging in order to get any attention.

Here are a few ways to create engaging social media content:

  • User-Generated Content (UGC): First of all, this takes some of the pressure off you. It also makes your customers feel like heroes, creates variety in your posts, and helps your customers trust you. In fact, millennials trust UGC 50% more than other media.
  • Infographics: By combining pictures and text, you increase comprehension by 25%. And infographics have a way of piquing interest and making people read to the very end. If you’re not a designer or don’t want to pay for one, here are some tools to help you create your own infographic: Piktochart, Venngage, and Canva.
  • Shareable quotes: These things are taking over Instagram, and for good reason—they’re more engaging than a traditional image. Find a good quote, make it look nice, and count your likes, pins, shares, retweets, follows ...
  • GIFs: No matter how you pronounce it, everyone loves a good GIF and they share them like nobody’s business. If you’ve been reluctant to enter the world of GIF creation, here are some sites to get you started: Giphy’s GIF Maker, Gifmaker.me, and Licecap.

When it comes to your actual content, keep it short. If you have a lot you want to say, put it in a blog post and link to it on your social profiles. Keep your posts between 100-250 characters and your followers will love you for it. Thank you, Twitter, for keeping us all in check.

Now the only trick is making sure all your engaging content is true to your brand. Don’t get sucked into every hashtag, be yourself, and keep it interesting.

3. Give Them Options

Social media gets your audience on the hook, but how do you reel them in for the all-important conversion? Give them options to easily take the step in their journey, whether that be a visit to your website, an email subscription, in-store visit, or a phone call.  One of the biggest trends right now on social media is the addition of chat, messaging, and click-to-call features. These are great new ways to connect customers and businesses.

In fact, Instagram is testing business profiles that feature a contact button that connects customers to businesses via email with a single click. And Facebook allows businesses to add a “call now” button to their ads, allowing customers to call businesses directly from their news feed.

Or if you want to keep the conversation online, Twitter’s conversational ads give customers a new way to engage with brands. Using CTA buttons with customizable hashtags, customers can share your brand’s messaging and encourage organic conversations.

Other social platforms also include buttons that allow users to visit a business’ website directly from their feed. Both Pinterest and Instagram have “visit” or “shop now” buttons on their sponsored posts, so customers can leave their feed and shop directly on the business’ site.

Getting new customers to fall in love with you is really about listening to them. Listen to them so you can show them the most relevant ads. Listen to them so you can create content that interests them. And listen to them when they try to connect with you online or offline.

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