Invoca Named a Leader in Applied Conversation Intelligence by Independent Research Firm

Differentiators include AI and Conversational Analytics, turnkey integration solutions, session-level, and granular data capture and journey mapping.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, December 21, 2021Invoca, the leader in AI-powered conversation intelligence for revenue teams, announced that Opus Research has identified Invoca as an industry leader in its annual 2021 Conversational Intelligence Intelliview research report. The Opus Research report evaluates the products, services, positioning and potential of 11 firms that show leadership in helping enterprises make the most of conversational intelligence by enabling them to unlock and activate revenue-driving, first-party data from every conversation that occurs during the buying journey. Opus Research recognized Invoca for its conversation intelligence data capabilities that enable marketing, sales, and eCommerce revenue teams to uncover and apply an unprecedented level of customer insights from customer conversations. 

Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence enables companies to understand and immediately act on the information shared via customer conversations. The platform uses AI to turn key parts of the conversation into valuable, not actionable, first-party data that businesses use to enhance every digital touchpoint and human interaction, resulting in more leads, higher revenue, and a better customer experience.

This recognition of Invoca’s leadership comes amid rapid category growth, with the conversational AI market expected to reach $13.9 billion by 2025

According to the report, “Invoca is unique in that conversations can be linked directly to a digital touchpoint on a session-level basis through JavaScript and dynamic number insertion technology. Customers deploy an Invoca JavaScript tag to their website, and the system automatically displays a unique Invoca phone number for each individual and their specific web session.” Invoca’s enabling conversational analytics technologies, both which rely on automated transcription, include:

  • Signal AI: Analyze the entire context of the conversation for language patterns in real time, identify customer intent and behavior, and classify the outcome of the call. Invoca customers can analyze conversations to optimize their marketing to improve ROI, boost sales agent performance, improve digital experiences, and understand emerging consumer trends.
  • Signal Discovery: Uses unsupervised machine learning to discover and track new topics and trends and provide valuable first-party data that exposes changing customer behaviors. This first-of-its-kind tool automatically analyzes conversations to uncover consumer call behavior and patterns, then displays findings in an interactive map that can be explored and analyzed within Invoca’s cloud platform. 

Key Invoca differentiators highlighted in the Conversational Intelligence Intelliview report include:

  • Session Level, Granular Data Capture and Journey Mapping: Invoca is unique in that conversations can be linked directly to a digital touchpoint on a session-level basis through JavaScript and dynamic number insertion technology. Invoca captures not only the conversation intelligence in every call but also the digital journey that preceded the call. Because of the way other technologies handle DNI, they do not have the capability to capture data at the level of an individual user's session. 
  • Turnkey Integration Solutions: In addition to the integrations found on the Invoca Exchange, Invoca’s customizable webhooks, APIs, and automated data deliveries/fetches make it possible to integrate with nearly any third-party system in near real-time. This enables customers to optimize the performance of marketing campaigns, digital experiences, and sales agent performance in the call center and at business locations with one unified platform. Invoca frequently hears from customers that have recently switched to the platform that the data integrations with their previous providers either didn’t work at all or required so many manual workarounds that the results were not worth the effort. 
  • AI and Conversational Analytics: The report also recognized Invoca’s AI-powered conversational analytics as a key differentiator.

“Phone calls and one-on-one conversations have largely remained a source of untapped data for businesses and marketers,” said Derek Top, Senior Analyst and Research Director at Opus Research. “Invoca is simplifying this process and ensuring brands understand the true voice of the consumer through their data. Invoca’s AI capabilities take this a step further and provide brands with the tools to optimize their own customer experiences.”

Download the complete Opus Research Intelliview Report here

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