What You Need To Know About Voice Analytics

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What You Need To Know About Voice Analytics

In a customer-centric world, the marketer's weapon of choice is data. The more you can learn about your audience, the better you can connect with them in relevant ways. In other words, the better your marketing will perform.Marketers turned to complex digital marketing clouds to manage every aspect of the customer journey. But tracking, measuring, and analyzing clicks can only take you so far. That's because a click is only half the picture.In fact, BIA/Kelsey projects that consumers will make 169 billion mobile calls to businesses by 2020. No amount of technology will ever completely replace an actual conversation. And thanks to the rise of mobile, it is easier than ever for marketers to connect with their audience via a phone call. It turns out, your customers are engaging online but they also want to call.So how do marketers take advantage of rich insights from phone conversations? The answer is voice analytics.

What is Voice Analytics?

Gone are the days of listening to individuals phone calls looking for answers to questions about what drove the call, what happened on the call, and the outcome of the call. Hear that? It's the sound of marketing interns celebrating around the world! Voice analytics make capturing and applying insights from customer phone calls easy and scalable.

Insights Gained with Voice Analytics

Voice analytics analyze phone calls to gather information about the conversation. Solutions like Invoca's Signal for Voice automatically listens for specific keywords and phrases said during a phone call in real-time.

  • Whether an appointment was set
  • Proper sales messaging is being used
  • Special promos are mentioned
  • Competitors are mentioned
  • If the call resulted in a completed sale
  • Which specific products/services are mentioned

How are Marketers Using Voice Analytics?

This new stream of insights is great, but it's only as valuable as what you're able to do with it. With Invoca, marketers have the tools they need to put these insights into action throughout their marketing. Signal for Voice allow marketers to:

  • Prove marketing ROI
  • Define lead quality
  • Optimize marketing campaigns
  • Test new sales messaging
  • Monitor the competitive landscape
  • Enhance the customer experience

Just like with clicks, Signal for Voice data can go anywhere you need it in your marketing. You can include it in your analytics platform to understand the true performance of your marketing. You can use it in your audience manager platform to better understand and segment your audience. You can push it into your email marketing to deliver a more relevant, personalized experience. You can even use it in your real-time personalization platform to create a website experience that customers will love.

How to Protect your Customer's Privacy with Voice Analytics

In a data-driven world, trust is everything to your customers. You can rest easy knowing that your customer's personal information is secure with Signal for Voice. Conversations are analyzed in real time rather than saved as a recording and only the keywords and phrases you selected will be pulled. All personal information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and are automatically redacted during analysis. Industries where PCI security is a concern, there's no need to worry about personal info showing up in voice analytics reports.This way you get the information you need to improve every aspect of the customer experience without sacrificing the privacy and security of your customer's information.

Why Voice Matters Now

All the technology in the world cannot replace a real conversation. And businesses like Google, Amazon, and Apple have taken notice by building products that take advantage of the unique benefits of voice. This presents a unique opportunity for marketers who want to capitalize on the power of voice in the customer journey.Voice analytics is quickly moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have for every digital marketer. If you'd like to learn more about Signal for Voice and the entire Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud, schedule a demo!

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