Invoca Signal AI Innovations Unlock a New Era in Conversation Intelligence

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Invoca Signal AI Innovations Unlock a New Era in Conversation Intelligence

At Invoca, we’ve seen the transformative power conversation intelligence AI has in helping businesses drive revenue. For the last decade, top consumer brands have used Invoca’s AI to unlock billions of insights from phone conversations — insights their digital marketing and contact center teams have used to drive millions of appointments and sales.  

It’s been amazing to see the impact data from our Signal AI conversation analytics suite is having on customers’ revenue, and we’re just getting started. Today we announced groundbreaking enhancements to Signal AI, unlocking a new era of conversation intelligence that will transform the way digital marketing and contact center teams acquire customers. These enhancements include:

  • Signal AI Studio: Powered by new patented machine learning technology, this game-changing upgrade to Invoca’s original Signal AI product makes it fast and easy to create custom AI models trained on your own calls to capture the insights you need from every conversation with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Best-in-Class Transcripts: Invoca’s new transcription engine powered by generative AI LLMs (large language models) turns call recordings into text with unmatched precision. 
  • Caller & Agent Sentiment Analysis: New neural network models track the sentiment of callers and agents throughout every call, including how it changes as calls progress. 
  • Signal AI Autocapture: AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) automatically identifies and extracts words and terms spoken on a call, storing it in Invoca as structured, actionable data.

We also launched two new early-stage Invoca Labs features for customers to test drive and provide feedback:

  • Topic Explorer: Uncover new insights from thousands of calls with this new feature that visualizes the common subjects, themes, and topics occurring on calls in an interactive sunburst chart. 
  • GPT Call Analysis: Access the power of generative AI directly inside Invoca with GPT call summaries, your own interactive generative AI-powered assistant, and more.

AI Innovations Powered by Our Customers

I’m extremely proud of the work our data science, product, and engineering teams have done to develop Invoca’s Signal AI technologies. These innovations are unlike anything in the market today. They combine a sophisticated mix of proprietary machine learning, generative AI, and neural network models to unlock breakthrough insights from conversations – all with the ease of use, accuracy, and actionability that Invoca is known for. 

I’m also grateful for all the feedback from our customers. In my role as head of product at Invoca, I spend a lot of time speaking with customers about their needs, and those conversations have shaped the AI we launched today. For example, we work with leaders across healthcare — from health systems and hospitals to physical therapy franchises and dental support organizations. They all want their digital marketing to drive new patient appointment calls, but the data needed to accurately detect that insight from conversations varies from business to business. So we built AI that understands each business’s calls and can be customized to capture insights like “new patient appointment call” accurately for each customer. 

If you want to learn more, watch the video below to hear from Invoca customers on how Signal AI is helping them accelerate revenue growth. Then read on for more details about our new AI solutions.

Signal AI Studio Puts the Power of Conversation Intelligence AI in Your Hands

Our new Signal AI Studio makes it fast and easy to create custom AI models trained on your business’s calls that capture the conversation data digital marketing and contact center teams need to grow revenue. 

  • AI That Understands Your Business: Signal AI Studio is powered by Invoca’s patented machine learning technology that automatically analyzes every call to your business, mapping conversations into themes and topics. The AI trains itself to become an expert on your calls — expertise it uses to detect the insights you need from conversations with unprecedented accuracy.
  • New No-Code UI Speeds You Through AI Model Training: Simply type the insight you want the AI to detect, such as if a call is a new lead, if they booked an appointment, or if the agent gave a proper greeting. Signal AI Studio shows you transcribed examples from your actual calls it believes either do or don’t fit that insight, and you tell it if it’s right. The AI learns with every response, quickly creating a new AI model to detect that insight on future calls.
  • Supercharge Your Digital Marketing ROI: Create AI models to detect lead intent, product or service interest, conversion outcome, and more for every call from search and digital marketing. Use Signal AI Studio to measure the true performance of your campaigns and activate that data in real time in your digital marketing platforms to fuel breakthrough optimizations to increase ROAS and revenue.
  • Score 100% of Agent Call Handling: Create AI models to accurately score agent performance on every call without requiring staff to read from scripts and sound robotic. It’s a win-win — you get the evaluation data you need, and your agents are free to speak naturally and deliver a better experience to callers.
Signal AI Studio makes it easy to train AI models on your own calls

New Enhancements to Signal AI Powered by Neural Network Models and Generative AI

Along with Signal AI Studio, we have made several key updates to our Signal AI suite to increase the insights and value Invoca provides digital marketing and contact center teams:

  • New Best-in-Class Transcripts: Transcripts are only as valuable as they are accurate, and Invoca’s new transcripts are second to none. To ensure their accuracy, our data science and engineering teams took best-in-class generative AI LLMs and spent the last year training them on nearly 1 million hours of supervised audio data. The result is transcription technology with an industry-low WER (word error rate). There is truly nothing like it.  
  • Caller & Agent Sentiment Analysis: When it comes to analyzing sentiment, most speech analytics tools only track the overall sentiment of a call, flagging a call as either “positive” or “negative.” But the customers I’ve spoken with all say that call-level sentiment isn’t particularly useful or actionable. We believe that the real opportunity lies in the ability to track caller and agent sentiment separately, and monitor how it changes throughout a conversation. So we built our sentiment analysis solution to not only track the individual sentiment of the caller and the agent separately, but also how it changes throughout the call. This makes it possible to monitor how effective agents are at turning a callers’ negative sentiment into positive, as an example. 

To do it, our data science team took neural network models and fine-tuned them with thousands of instructions for both the caller and the agent for a variety of positive and negative sentiments. The end result is AI that delivers accurate and actionable sentiment data businesses can visualize in our dashboards and reports and use with Invoca smart alerts to drive the right action and improve outcomes.

Sample reports of caller sentiment changing during calls with agents
  • Signal AI Autocapture: The initial use case for our Autocapture technology is with automotive brands. New AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) automatically captures the year, make, and model of the vehicle the caller talks about buying or servicing, making it easy for automotive brands, dealership groups, and service centers to report on vehicle interest, retarget callers with ads for specific vehicles, and have more informed lead follow-up calls. We’ve only scratched the surface with what Autocapture can do, so much more to come. 
Sample call in Invoca capturing the vehicle the caller is interested in

Invoca Labs Gives Users Exclusive Access and Influence Over AI Innovations 

Invoca Labs gives customers early access to AI innovations so you can not only benefit from the data, but also provide feedback to shape feature development. 

The two new Invoca Labs features we launched are:

  • Topic Explorer: Visualize the themes and related topics being discussed across thousands of your calls at once to surface unexpected insights. You can specify the topics or categories you want Topic Explorer to visualize, view GPT-powered descriptions of topic summaries, and review transcribed examples from actual calls. Topic Explorer is a unique and powerful way to surface new and actionable insights on customers, call experiences, agent performance, and digital marketing campaigns you weren’t using Signal AI Studio to actively analyze. 
Visualize what’s being said across thousands of calls at once with Topic Explorer
  • GPT Call Analysis: Get the power of generative AI inside your Invoca platform with GPT Call Analysis. First, you can run searches to view a list of calls of a particular type or where topics of interest were discussed. Then, click on any call to view a GPT summary of the conversation and access a list of pre-set prompts asking generative AI for more insights. Finally, you can interact with an in-platform generative AI-powered assistant to get more answers, recommendations, and content — data that can help marketing and contact center leaders improve performance. 
Sample GPT call summary and response from pre-set prompts

I’ve really enjoyed working with our customers on these Invoca Labs features. It’s amazing to move so quickly from an idea at an AI innovation session to a whiteboard concept to an actual feature that drives meaningful customer value. It's the best part of a product manager's job.

Trustworthy AI That Protects Your Data 

While businesses want to use AI to drive better business outcomes, you need AI you can trust that protects your brand and your data. Invoca’s Signal AI is not a black box – you can view AI accuracy scores in the Invoca platform, review transcripts of every call, and understand the decisions it’s making. Signal AI is also backed by Invoca’s enterprise-grade reliability, security, redaction, and compliance – including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and CCPA – to keep your data safe and protect your customers’ privacy. We never compromise, so you don’t have to. 

What Invoca Customers Are Saying About the Business Impact of Signal AI

We built the AI technology in Signal AI with the same goal — to provide accurate, actionable, and business-specific conversation insights to help our customers drive revenue. It’s particularly gratifying to hear customer testimonials like these on the impact Signal AI is having on their business and job performance:

  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts:  “We are a luxury brand, and many of our guests book reservations by calling our properties and speaking to an associate. Invoca’s Signal AI enables us to measure how many room request and reservation calls we generate from our search and digital marketing. With Invoca we have the call value data we need to increase our return on ad spend and prove the full value of each marketing channel to our properties.” – Sara Beresford, Director of Global Media at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • DIRECTV: "Invoca’s Signal AI analyzes every conversation with our contact centers to identify the outcome of every call, as well as call dispositions we can't get from anywhere else. It helps us identify a sales conversion and tells us the value of every call from our search and digital advertising, and we use that data to automate some truly amazing optimizations with things like Google Ads value-based Smart Bidding. Signal AI has made a tremendous improvement in our return on ad spend.” – Nesby Ingram, Lead Marketing Technology Manager at DIRECTV
  • Renewal by Andersen: “For every call to our contact center, Invoca’s Signal AI identifies the agent and scores their performance, giving us a complete breakdown of how well they handled the call. We know, for example, if an agent is great at gathering contact information but struggles to answer certain caller questions. Using data from Signal AI to guide agent coaching, we improved the call conversion rate at our contact center by 47%. It’s made a huge impact on our business.” – Tyner Williams, Marketing Manager at Renewal by Andersen

Make Your ROAS, Revenue, and Reputation Soar With Signal AI

With these new innovations to Signal AI, it’s never been easier to use conversation intelligence to transform the way your digital marketing and contact center teams drive revenue. It’s breakthrough data to make your ROAS, revenue, and reputation soar.

Visit our Signal AI page to learn more, or request a demo of Signal AI and we will give you a personalized walkthrough of our conversation intelligence AI platform. You can also register for our Signal AI webinar to see how the new technology is helping digital marketers excel. 

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