See Invoca's New Conversation Review, Visual Dashboards and Contact Center Integration

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See Invoca's New Conversation Review, Visual Dashboards and Contact Center Integration

Whether your workplace relationship between sales and marketing feels like the Brady Bunch or more closely resembles the family dynamics of Game of Thrones, most businesses would agree that there’s room for improvement. One of the most common reasons for discord is easy to diagnose: a lack of attribution. Marketing wants credit for the lead, sales wants attribution for closing it, and everyone wants to blame each other when conversion rates miss the target. 

But what if there was a way to illuminate what’s really going on and uncover the attribution across digital and the call center?  Get ready to have a fight-free family reunion, because we have the solution. 

In our Winter ‘21 product release webinar, we unveiled Invoca’s new dashboards, transcripts in the Conversation Review interface, and the real-time integration with Five9 that can simply and seamlessly help marketing and sales teams deliver better business results. And maybe even help them enjoy talking to each other at the company holiday party. Which you may actually do in person this year, so you best be ready.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Invoca’s new features enable you to:

  • Visualize real-time data at a glance in one clear, flexible view that enables revenue teams to see up-to-the-minute information, spot trends, and monitor marketing and sales performance.
  • Quickly see and share details of every conversation with the Conversation Review call transcript interface
  • Empower contact center agents with context from the digital journey that preceded the call to create better customer experiences on the phone.

Instead of just listing the details of each feature (yawn) let’s walk through an actual example of how, used together, this triumvirate can help your business be more successful. 

The story begins with our fictional telco, They offer the usual telecom menu replete with internet, TV, mobile, and bundles. In this scenario the digital marketing team is adding an HBO Max promo to their existing ongoing promotions.

After launching the promotion on their site, they edit their existing dashboard tile so that they can track the new campaign alongside existing promotions. Updating the dashboard tile takes just a minute.

As iTelecom monitors the HBO Max campaign, they notice that it's not performing as well as expected.

With a single click, the Marketer can navigate from the dashboard tab to the corresponding calls report and then dive right into a transcript so try and troubleshoot the campaign performance. Opening up the very first transcript begins to uncover the issue. Watch this short clip to see what the transcript looks like in Invoca Conversation Review:

You can see it takes the agent some time before he figures out which promotion the caller is interested in. Now multiply that time by each call made inquiring about a promotion. All of those agents spending that time on each promo call means ALL callers are on hold longer and potentially transferred once or twice before they get to the right agent who can help them. This means that everyone is having a poor customer experience. 

This is a lose-lose-lose: The marketer’s campaign is underperforming, the sales agent isn’t being as effective as they could be, which means fewer conversions and the callers are having less-than-pleasant experiences. 

Empower Agents to Provide Better Experiences with Invoca & Five9

With the Invoca + Five9 integration activated, Invoca knows which campaign is driving each call and can then route the caller to the correct dedicated agent and serve up the correct agent script, all in real time. Additionally, iTelecom can also set routing for their other existing campaigns so that each call gets routed to dedicated agents with the right messaging. But it doesn’t stop there.

Now, not only is the promo going to perform better which makes for happier sales agents, the marketer will get attribution for driving sales in the call center that originate from their online campaign and finally, all callers get better experiences.

It’s a win for marketing, a win for sales and everyone smiles and looks at each other’s squares adoringly on the next Zoom meeting instead of finding someone to boot into the dragon pit. 

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