Invoca Brings Phone Call Insights To Facebook With Industry-First Solution

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Invoca Brings Phone Call Insights To Facebook With Industry-First Solution

Three weeks ago we brought you Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and the reception from our customers and prospects was phenomenal. I couldn’t be more excited to follow up today with Invoca for Facebook, which is another giant step forward in enabling marketers to optimize for the entire omnichannel journey -- online and offline.

Invoca for Facebook is the industry’s first solution to natively integrate phone calls with Facebook Advertising. And it comes as part of Facebook’s new offline conversions API, also announced today, that makes it as simple for marketers to optimize for offline actions like phone calls and in-store purchases as it does for online actions like clicks and shares.

With Invoca for Facebook You Get:

  • Granular attribution down to the ad level: Get actionable insight into the campaigns, ad sets, and ads driving customers to call and convert offline. You'll see this side by side click data for a complete online and offline view of your ad performance.
  • Greater insight into target audiences: Use Invoca data to understand which target Facebook audiences have the highest propensity to call. Increase engagement from those audiences by making it easy for them to call, from Facebook mobile ad placements to prominent click-to-call buttons on landing pages.
  • Call data right inside Facebook reporting: View Invoca call data within the standard Facebook reporting tools marketers use to optimize Facebook audience targeting and ad spend.

Why Now?

Smartphones have become the primary device for digital interaction, meaning people are increasingly blending online and offline interactions. Marketers have realized today’s customer journey often jumps between the Facebook app, a mobile website, and an in-store visit or a phone call. comScore actually found that 63% of people complete a purchase offline after online search activity.

It’s also incredible validation to have Facebook launch its first-ever offline conversions API. Facebook recognizes that people want to have conversations with brands, which is why they rolled out a click-to-call button for their ads over a year ago. Now they’re empowering marketers to optimize their campaigns to better target and convert customers who want to purchase offline. Harrison Davies, EVP and head of digital media at Zeta Interactive commented, "Invoca for Facebook gives us insight into which Facebook ads are actually driving the highest quality phone calls for our clients. By tracking calls back to the campaign level, we are able to show click-to-call ads to the people who we know are more likely to call, and bid for those offline conversions in real time."

Invoca for Facebook is an important step forward for the millions of businesses advertising on Facebook that are looking to close the online/offline gap and optimize for the entire omnichannel customer experience. Interested in getting more information? Please visit:

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