How eComm Teams Can Drive More Revenue with Conversation Intelligence

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How eComm Teams Can Drive More Revenue with Conversation Intelligence

You’ve heard the story a million times: Girl starts business and launches website, girl hires super smart guy to run her eCommerce team, girl sees eComm leader so hyper-focused on digital conversions that he can’t see the bigger picture, girl lives not quite so happily ever after. Well, maybe not that story but something close to it.

The point is, eComm teams eat, drink and sleep all things digital and sometimes can’t see the bigger picture. It makes sense: the huge shift to online last year had eComm teams scrambling to capitalize on and convert each and every one of those shoppers. The result is an even greater likelihood that digital tunnel vision is obscuring a more advantageous view. In this case, the bigger picture is something eComm teams often pay no attention to at all: customer conversations. It sounds something like this:

I own eCommerce and I care about getting people to the site and converting them on the site. I don’t care about what happens in the contact center.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, the divide between those responsible for digital conversions and those responsible for offline sales is, well, let’s just say those teams aren’t exactly a love match. 

But as the viewer of any rom com will tell you, at some point in the movie the adversarial couple is always presented with “the big reveal” that turns them from fighters to lovers and the great divide that separated them vanishes. Sales and eComm teams are no different. Except it’s conversation intelligence that brings them together instead of realizing they had way more in common than they thought while making out in the rain.

Why Customer Conversations Matter to eCommerce Teams

The intelligence and insight revealed in every phone call is lost when eComm views customer conversations as something separate and detached from the digital journey. 

And it’s a significant loss. Because the conversations hold the truth: customers saying exactly what they want, revealing exactly how they feel, and uncovering exactly what made them pick up the phone in the first place. Imagine knowing exactly why your web visitors dropped out of your online purchase flow and picked up the phone. Pretty powerful, right? While it may seem counterintuitive at first, when eCommerce leaders tap into the truth hiding in each phone call they can unlock insights that help them optimize their digital journey and conversion rates. 

Not quite a believer yet? Let’s look at how conversation intelligence can help eCommerce leaders be more successful. It will:

  • Uncover actual digital abandonment vs a switch from digital to a phone call
  • Diagnose what’s broken in the website purchase flow so it can be fixed fast
  • Use data and insights to optimize the digital flow for conversions and track visitors who convert over the phone

Diagnosing Digital Leakage with Conversation Intelligence

Virtual window shoppers aside, what’s the reason someone starts a digital journey and then disappears? Did they go to a competitor? Did they simply get distracted? Or did they pick up the phone and if so, WHY? Because when someone leaves the digital journey and converts to a call they are still very much in the potential path to purchase. 

Conversation intelligence uncovers the “why” behind the phone call. It ties conversations to individual web sessions and through AI-powered conversation analytics, it reveals the exact points where customers exit digital and reach out for assistance. What this means is that those who say, “I only care about digital conversions, not calls” are missing out on what customers are revealing about their digital experiences that pushed them to pick up the phone. Those conversation insights hold a literal blueprint for how to improve your eCommerce purchase flow. Straight from the customer’s mouth.

How to Quickly Diagnose and Fix Broken eCommerce Flows

If someone has started their journey on your site and is still invested enough to pick up the phone, then they are either highly motivated to buy and want some human assistance to complete their purchase, or they’re frustrated with the online experience.

Analyzing call transcripts can help diagnose where and why customers are leaving the digital buying journey.

And while no one likes dealing with someone who just spent the past five minutes rage clicking, there’s a lot to learn from these less-than-happy callers. They say things like:

“The promo code you sent me isn’t working”

“I’m so frustrated! The link on your site is broken”

“I keep trying to submit the lead form and it’s not working”

“I have a few questions about which plan to choose”

“I’m ready to refinance, but I need some help with the application.”

For businesses that are already tracking web experience analytics with platforms like Decibel or FullStory, you can also integrate that data with conversation intelligence data from Invoca to diagnose and fix frustrating website experiences and drive more high-value customers to the phone.

Optimize for Digital and Get Attribution for Digital-to-Call Conversions

In the case of complex, high-stakes purchases like buying a car, applying for a mortgage, or even getting a new broadband internet plan, your customers likely want to call at some point. Using a conversation intelligence platform enables you to tailor the online-to-offline experience to make it as smooth as possible. By using data from the digital journey to route calls to the right contact center agents and give them context about the call, the customer gets a more personalized experience, friction is reduced, and conversion rates are boosted. And, of course, the eComm and marketing teams can get attribution for the sale, so everyone wins!

Conversation intelligence provides the data needed to optimize digital and offline experiences to maximize conversions.

With this up-to-the-moment data about high-intent, high-value callers, you also create the ideal environment for upsells. The contact center agents know more about the customer’s intent because they have their digital journey data at hand, so they can guide the customer to other products and services that add value for them and increase attributed revenue for you.

Are you ready to create happier endings for every one of your customers’ buying journeys? Get the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence to learn how it works. Just don’t forget to bring an umbrella! 

Learn more about Invoca for eCommerce here.

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