Congrats to Invoca Academy’s First Scholars!

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Congrats to Invoca Academy’s First Scholars!

We officially launched Invoca Academy today, but some intrepid early adopters completed the Invoca Fundamentals for Agencies course in October to become our first Invoca Academy Scholars. We’d like to congratulate the 20 new Scholars from DAC, Media Experts, and Rise Interactive for becoming the first group of certified conversation intelligence experts! 

"The Rise team has been using Invoca since 2015 to help our clients in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and home and hospitality services leverage conversation intelligence technology to significantly impact their bottom line. As the digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, we know there's always more that we can learn to help us effectively utilize platforms that give our clients an edge. Invoca Academy is a fast-paced course that's filled with useful, practical, and engaging activities and our team got a lot of value out of participating in the program," said Justin Garvin, VP of Media Strategy at Rise Interactive. "Rise employees across client delivery teams are now certified as Invoca Scholars and feel even more confident providing conversation intelligence expertise for many Rise clients leveraging the Invoca platform" 

“Our team agrees: Invoca Fundamentals for Agencies was a great session! I just finished the course with one minute to spare,” said Chris Sylvestre, Managing Director, Performance Media at Media Experts. “Every section was incredibly well structured and engaging — everything you’d want in this type of training. Plus, I appreciate that Invoca built this course to support the specifics of agency environment workflows. We can’t wait to put this training into action right away.”

The next Invoca Academy course, Invoca Fundamentals for Agencies, is scheduled for January 19, 2022. You can get updates on future Invoca Academy course offerings and dates here.

What is Invoca Academy?

a new certification program that addresses the educational needs arising from the increased adoption of conversation intelligence. Invoca Academy’s immersive courses empower sales, marketing, eCommerce, agency, and customer experience teams with direct skills that help them maximize their ROI while using Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how it works and why you should enroll!

With the massive growth in adoption of AI-powered conversation intelligence tools and expanded use across organizations, Invoca Academy provides the ongoing, in-depth training that our increasingly sophisticated customers need to learn what’s possible with Invoca.

Invoca Academy serves as a central hub where Invoca customers and users can get comprehensive education and training on the Invoca conversation intelligence platform directly from the experts. 

In the live, interactive courses, attendees will experience:

  • Hands-on instruction: Learn how to deploy the Invoca tag, customize dashboards and reports, set up benchmarks and start tracking KPIs in their own platforms.
  • Easy-to-follow walkthrough of client setup: Walk through how to create profiles that connect online and offline digital campaigns to call treatments and routing. 
  • Technical demos: Watch how to set up martech stack integrations like Google Ads.
  • Interactive activities: Grasp how to best optimize digital campaigns, call experiences, eCommerce experiences, and enable clients to use Invoca.

Invoca Academy graduates, which we have dubbed “Scholars,” can share what they learn with their teams to help drive cross-functional collaboration to derive more unique insights across revenue teams that use Invoca. The end result is that our customers get the maximum amount of value from Invoca and the Scholars get conversation intelligence certifications to enrich their professional profile. 

Invoca Academy Future Expansion and Course Dates

Invoca will be launching more Invoca Academy courses in 2022 including power user certifications, live team training, on-demand learning labs, on-demand training and certification, and continuing education modules. Courses are available for free to all Invoca customers.

Visit to learn more and sign up to get updates on Invoca Academy’s future course offerings.

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