10 Stats that Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

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10 Stats that Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

Marketing in the healthcare industry can be different from marketing in different industries. Healthcare marketers have the intricate task of informing their audience of potentially life-changing care options. Not only does the effectiveness of their marketing affect the bottom line, but it can also potentially impact patient outcomes and access to required care.

Here are 10 statistics for healthcare marketers that will help effectively drive ROI:

1. Over 60 percent of healthcare customers feel their emotional needs are not met during their experience.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a big factor in a patient’s experience with your brand, especially in the healthcare industry, where human-to-human interaction is inevitable in most cases. To improve this as a healthcare marketer, you can use patient data to personalize their experience. 

2. Only 20 percent of people trust AI-generated healthcare advice.

Automation definitely saves time and cost, but in the healthcare industry, people tend to be skeptical if the advice is not coming from a real person. Keep in mind when adding an AI component in your marketing, whether it’s a new website bot or “robot doctor”, that marketers need to account for adequate human interaction to create a positive experience.

3.83 percent of patients visit a hospital website before making an appointment.

Online research is much easier than an in-person visit, which is why so many people are drawn to it. Your website’s landing page is essential to giving visitors the information they need to make an appointment. Creating a seamless landing page experience that customers find genuine and dependable can instantly increase bookings or site visits. 

It’s important to enhance your website for mobile as well because 56 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. The key is to provide the right information without overcrowding the screen.  Find out more about ways to improve your mobile landing pages.

4. 60 percent of people are interested in virtual doctor visits.

This is especially the case for people with a busy schedule or mobility issues. As a healthcare marketer, you can provide a portal between doctors and patients virtually, which can save time and cost for both patient and provider.

5. Posting videos on Facebook will bring 135 percent more organic reach than posting pictures.

With an increasing number of social media users, establishing a strong presence on social platforms can benefit your company. The next time you are preparing to launch a social media marketing campaign, keep in mind that videos get much higher engagement rates than pictures do.

6. Total marketing spend in the healthcare industry in 2018 was $12.2 billion.

And it is only expected to increase! The largest growth was total digital marketing ad spend. Among the total marketing spend, digital marketing took 35 percent. Want to spend your marketing budget wisely? Check out this post to see how you can maximize marketing ROI.

7.61 percent of people compare at least two hospitals before making an appointment.

So how can you make sure they decide to make an appointment at your hospital? Besides all of your digital marketing efforts, you should make sure your website provides relevant and welcoming information for customers. 

Based on research Invoca conducted to find out customers’ emotional inclination in the healthcare industry, How 6 Industries Rank When it Comes to Emotional Intelligence, it’s important for marketers to acknowledge intangible factors. Focusing on customers’ perception of your brand will help your marketing efforts impact the bottom line.

8. One percent in website load time delay can result in a 7 percent sales conversion decrease.

We’ve all had the experience of a website taking forever to load and we end up browsing another website. Well, it could be your internet connection problem, but for marketers, any delay in loading websites will lead to a decrease in sales conversion. So make sure your website loads fast and easily!

9.SEO brings 300 percent more traffic to the website than social media platforms.

SEO is getting bigger and bigger in the marketing world. It brings in a tremendous amount of traffic to your website, so be sure to keep updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithms.

10.Google Ads generates $3 for every $1.60 spent.

There are 500 million daily active users on Google. Google Ads, which is an advertising system, is one component of search engine marketing strategy that helps websites to generate more traffic. A website that is positioned in the very first (top) spot has a click-through rate of 7.94%. See how you can improve your Google Adwords performance.

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