AI-Powered Call Tracking & Analytics

Do more than simply count calls. Make smarter marketing decisions with real-time call analytics.

Invoca's Voice Marketing Cloud Platform

Why Call Tracking?

Even the most well-orchestrated campaigns can leave marketers in the dark when the customer picks up the phone. Without granular call attribution, it’s impossible to properly optimize your campaigns or the caller experience.

Invoca connects inbound calls to the digital journey, helping marketers gain much-needed visibility into the campaigns, keywords, and ads that are driving high-value calls.

Digital Experience Digital Experience
The complete picture The complete picture

How does it work?

Accurate and actionable call data. Relevant and real-time.

The value of call data begins and ends with its accuracy, its actionability, and its relevance to your business.

Once a call is placed, Invoca’s award-winning Signal AI speech analytics technology goes to work. Predictive models analyze your spoken conversations to classify call outcomes like purchases made, appointments set, or applications submitted — all customized for your business. This call intelligence can then be pushed into the marketing platforms that matter to you, whether it’s Google, Facebook, Salesforce, or any one of the hundreds of martech solutions out there.

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Invoca can help you:

optimize marketing performance

Invoca not only gives you visibility into the campaigns that are driving your calls, but provides a full picture of the outcome of every call. The result? You can make smarter campaign optimization decisions to drive more revenue-generating calls and more efficient campaigns.

With Signal AI, you can take action on call outcomes in real time.

We integrate with virtually every major marketing platform, to deliver this actionable data where you need it most.

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personalize the caller experience

With Invoca, you can personalize the caller experience to increase conversion rates, enhance the customer experience, and ensure that call center agents are focusing on revenue-driving calls.. Our customers have seen 10x increases in conversion rates by qualifying and routing calls based on factors like geolocation, time of call, product interest, shopping cart activity, and more.

  • Loaded shopping cart
  • High income home owner
sales hotline
  • Viewing product details page
  • Keyword searched: branded product
product specialist
  • Repeat caller
  • Viewing knowledge base article
customer support
enhance every digital interaction

The customer journey doesn't end after a phone call. With Invoca, you can use outcome data gathered from phone calls to enhance your other marketing tools and expand your reach to likely buyers. By pushing call analytics into media platforms like Google Ads and Facebook, or DMPs like Adobe Audience Manager, marketers can create targetable audience segments to orchestrate the next action, or build lookalike audiences to reach new customers.

  • Mentioned new product, trigger follow up email.
  • Purchased. Add to upsell campaign.
  • Qualified but didn’t buy, add to retargeting.
  • YouTube
  • Adobe Target
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager
expand your reach

With Invoca, you can use conversion data gathered from voice conversations to enhance your other marketing tools and expand your reach to likely buyers. Integrations with platforms like Facebook, Google Ads/YouTube, and DMPs like Adobe Audience Manager make it possible to model lookalike audiences from a seed dataset and target new audiences with high-conversion potential.

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