Powering the top pay per call programs

Drive and monetize high-value calls.
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Powering the top pay per call programs Drive and monetize high-value calls.
Automate your call listening, analysis, and dispositioning

Independent call tracking and analytics

Customers are connecting with businesses by phone more often than ever before. If you buy or sell calls in the insurance, lending, home services, travel, or education industries, you know exactly how valuable these leads can be.

While call conversions have been notoriously difficult to track, Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking & analytics makes it possible to monetise calls like clicks with full visibility and attribution for valuable call conversions.

Invoca works for:


Optimize your campaigns and partners to drive more conversions
  • Invest in the right affiliate partnerships by understanding which partners are driving high-volume and high-quality leads so you can hit your conversion goals.
  • Monitor call quality to ensure only high-quality calls are reaching your call center.
  • Access leading industry pay-per-call partners to generate even more calls high-quality calls.

Networks & Agencies

Add pay-per-call to your network to monetize calls like clicks
  • Manage all of your partners, campaigns, and payouts in one place.
  • Monetize more calls by prioritizing buyers in real-time.
  • Establish an independent source of truth for affiliates and advertisers.


Drive more valuable conversions for your buyers
  • Understand what ad spend generates billable calls to optimize your promotional efforts.
  • Monitor call quality to drive more conversions and revenue.
  • Manage call volumes and maximize payouts by distributing calls dynamically in real-time to buyers.

Integrate call tracking & analytics with your performance marketing technology

Invoca's pay-per-call platform integrates seamlessly with your performance marketing tools so you can start monetizing phone calls like clicks.
Choosing the right technology matters. Invoca’s data-driven platform makes all the difference in maximizing ROI for our clients. We have a slogan of ‘track leads not clicks’, and it’s been our lifeblood from the get-go. There’s more data than just the click, and all that must be taken into consideration when we’re planning and optimizing marketing campaigns.
Joel Citron, VP Advertising Technologies