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Using Invoca to personalize patient experiences

With Invoca, Ochsner Health enhances ad targeting and unifies data across the organization
Using Invoca to personalize patient experiences
"Our teams are constantly looking at Invoca's data together. Not only does it help us improve our marketing performance, but it also informs our overall strategy."
Amber Welch
VP of Digital Marketing & Platforms, Ochsner Health

Ochsner Health is the largest non-profit, academic healthcare system operating in Louisiana, with 40 medical facilities across the state. The team uses Invoca to improve ad targeting, drive more appointments from its marketing, and personalize patient experiences.

"As a non-profit healthcare provider, we don't have an unlimited marketing budget," said Amber Welch, VP of Digital Marketing & Platforms at Ochsner Health. "Thankfully, Invoca helps us be smart with our marketing dollars and maximize their impact."

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