Invoca Celebrates International Women's Day 2024

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Invoca Celebrates International Women's Day 2024

Invoca is excited to celebrate International Women’s Day with Invoca's community! The theme for this year's celebration is "Inspire Inclusion." We believe that advocating for the inclusion of women can pave the way for a more equitable world.

At Invoca, we're continuing our tradition of donating to an impactful nonprofit. This year, we’re honoring Black Girls Code. The organization equips young girls of color with the skills, resources, and community support to excel in the fields of technology and computer science.

We also spoke with Invoca employees as well as our customers to learn about the impactful advice they’ve received from women and how they’re inspiring inclusion. A special thank you to all of the folks who participated!

Share an impactful piece of advice, given by a woman, that has helped further your personal and/or professional goals.

"As a female Latina, I have always felt an innate drive to not only perform well but also find fulfillment in the contributions I make, oftentimes expecting nothing in return.

One piece of advice that has been incredibly impactful for me came from my teammate Kirsten Sears. She told me about the importance of self-advocacy and negotiating for what I'm worth.

That advice encouraged me not to undervalue my skills and contributions, and to always advocate for fair compensation and opportunities for advancement, despite my inclination to prioritize modesty. 

I realized that advocating for myself is essential because it paves the way for future generations of women."

"Practicing mindfulness has helped me in my personal and professional life. Among the many benefits of mindfulness are helping women lead with greater awareness, improving their psychological well-being, and fostering greater self-compassion. Those interested in learning more about this topic should read this article."

"During World War II, the United States, by Executive Order 9066 from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, forcibly relocated and incarcerated at least 125,284 people of Japanese descent in 75 identified incarceration sites from 1942-1945. All were U.S. citizens and most lived on the Pacific Coast. They were forced at gunpoint to concentration camps in the western interior of the country. Both my parents went from California to Heart Mountain, Wyoming. They had never seen snow and their barracks had large cracks in the walls, which made the winter months unbearable. 

After my Mom's release from the camps, she wanted to return to southern California to attend UCLA. UCLA was not admitting Japanese Americans yet, so she attended University of Illinois and lived with Jewish families. She was able to attend UCLA the following year and again, Jewish families took her as their au pair so she could have a place to live. Her advice to me and my siblings was ‘I want you all to be survivors because life will be hard at times but more importantly, never lose your compassion for others.’ She was right, life has been hard at times, but we never lost that part of our soul in caring about others."

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is "Inspire Inclusion." How have you supported the #InspireInclusion movement?

"For me, advocating for female inclusion isn't just about promoting diversity — it's about creating spaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. 

Within Invoca, I’ve been co-chairing an employee resources group called Minorities in Tech. It is an inclusive space where we strongly encourage not only womxn of color but men and womxn from all ethnicities and backgrounds to join us and share their experiences, insights, and perspectives.

Outside of work, I’m a proud member of podHER which is a Latina-run organization for all womxn, to help them understand their power through conversations and committing to breaking down barriers and opening doors for others."

"I’ve been very active in helping school officials provide services for specially-abled children while fostering a ‘can-do’ attitude. It takes a village to raise a special needs child, and being a parent of one has taught me that collaboration and inclusion are bridges that connect differences, create opportunities, and fuel innovation!"

"Requiring gender balance across my organization had a profound impact on women's inclusion, fostering a more diverse and equitable workplace.

This initiative has opened up opportunities for women to fill roles at all levels, including leadership positions, which might have been less accessible before. It also has contributed to a change in organizational culture, promoting gender equality and reducing biases.

Moreover, the diverse perspectives brought by our gender-balanced workforce have enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making processes, leading to improved organizational performance. Additionally, this commitment to gender balance has improved our reputation, making us more attractive to top talent and customers who value diversity and inclusion."

"Many years ago, I was one of the first Asian women in a leadership role in Silicon Valley. I knew we weren't asking for ‘special’ or ‘token’ treatment, we just wanted to have a voice to bring our perspective, talent, and innovation. Even if I don't agree with someone, I still want to learn from them and give them the opportunity to learn from me. We should embrace inclusion — it can result in amazing innovation and a better society for generations to come."

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At Invoca, we take pride in our inclusive and egoless culture. It’s what helps us drive innovation and build value for both our customers and our people. 

We’re currently hiring for several roles — check out our open opportunities here. We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

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