Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud

Drive revenue and delight customers with the power of voice.

Invoca's Voice Marketing Cloud Platform

What is the Voice Marketing Cloud?

Even the most well orchestrated digital journey can leave marketers in the dark when the customer picks up the phone. And when you’re flying blind, it’s impossible to optimize campaigns or deliver a great customer experience.

The Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud brings phone calls into the digital era, helping marketers drive more revenue from every campaign, and delighting customers along the way.

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How does it work?

Insight that is actionable. relevant. and real-time.

The key to driving revenue is a set of insights into phone calls and conversation that are highly actionable, relevant to your business, and available in real-time.

The Signal intelligence engine at the heart of the Voice Marketing Cloud helps you define, discover and act on these insights. Signal taps into hundreds of data points and uses marketer friendly tools and the power of machine learning to help you understand not only where calls are coming from, but who’s calling, the outcome of those calls, and new insights into the customer journey.

Here are some examples to get your wheels turning...

  • Call Duration:
  • Spoken Phrases:
  • Caller Location:
  • 2:37
  • "Confirmation Number"
  • Local Service Territory
  • Call Source:
  • Caller Demographic:
  • Keyword Searched:
  • Shopping Cart Webpage
  • High Income
  • Branded Keyword
  • Call Source:
  • Caller Profile:
  • Spoken Phrases:
  • Product Email
  • Existing Customer
  • "New Model"

The Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud can help you:

optimize marketing performance

Invoca gives you visibility into not only which campaigns are driving your calls, but provides actual insights about the nature of those calls and true conversion data. The result? You can make smarter spend and campaign optimization decisions, and drive more revenue.

By leveraging Signal AI, you can get these insights automatically in real-time, at scale.

We integrate with virtually every major marketing platform, to deliver this actionable data where you need it most.

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"Hot Prospects":
personalize the caller experience

With Invoca, you can personalize the caller experience to increase the chances of conversion. With real-time insights about the context of the call and the caller, coupled with intelligent call routing, our customers have seen 10x increases in conversion rates.

  • Loaded shopping cart
  • High income home owner
sales hotline
  • Viewing product details page
  • Keyword searched: branded product
product specialist
  • Repeat caller
  • Viewing knowledge base article
customer support
enhance every digital interaction

The customer journey doesn’t stop at the call. With Signal AI, marketers have the power to identify caller intent & accurate conversion data during the live conversation, and automatically trigger the next best action in other platforms.

  • Mentioned new product, trigger follow up email.
  • Purchased. Add to upsell campaign.
  • Qualified but didn’t buy, add to retargeting.
expand your reach

With Invoca, you can use conversion data gathered from voice conversations to seed new look-alike audiences in Facebook or with your DMP, so you can expand your reach to target new audiences with high-conversion potential.