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Signal AI

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive revenue with actionable, real-time conversation insights.

  • Chicago, IL
  • Interested in Loan
  • High Income Home Owner
Invoca's Signal AI

Why AI?

As one of the most important steps in the path to purchase, call conversations are a potential goldmine of information for marketers. But it’s time consuming and resource-intensive to manually listen to calls, and keyword spotting technology can be challenging to set up and maintain with today’s rapidly evolving consumer behavior.

This means all of the rich insights from the voice conversation are lost. Until Now.

What is Signal AI?

Our machine learning algorithms analyzes live phone conversations to understand caller intent and outcomes.

As these caller data points and outcomes are identified, a Signal is automatically triggered in Invoca, providing real-time conversion and optimization data. Marketers can utilize these insights to make smarter decisions on everything from PPC bidding strategy to digital retargeting audiences.

You identify buying signals and outcomes. Our AI models do the rest.

  • Call Profile
  • Keyword: “Corp Bank Trust”
  • GCLID: 54218
  • Campaign: Branded Keywords
  • Product Interest: Mortgage
  • Outcome: “Quote Request”
  • Call Length: 00:06:45
  • Signal Met
  • High Intent Prospect
Invoca's Signal AI

How it works

  • step 1
    Identify the micro-moments you want to detect.
    Prospect Calling?
    Quote Inquiry?
    Application Complete?
    Claim Filed?
    Policy Purchased?
  • step 2
    Signal AI assesses previous calls to understand caller intent signals, and builds an algorithm accordingly.
    "...I need your home address…”
    "...know the price for insurance..."
    " to get a quote..."
  • step 4
    Invoca pushes these valuable Signals to the rest of your marketing stack in real-time, so you can optimize spend, expand reach and drive revenue.
    Prospect Calling
    Quote Inquiry
    Application Complete
  • step 3
    These algorithms are applied against new calls and detect Signals automatically.
    Prospect Calling?
    Quote Inquiry?
    Application Complete?
    Policy Purchased?
    Claim Filed?

Actionable AI for every marketer

Industry AI

With our pre-built AI, marketers can take advantage of these out-of-the-box industry Signals to understand the quality and outcomes of their marketing-driven calls, requiring only seconds of set-up.

Ideal for marketers who:

  • Desire immediate results
  • Are new to call intelligence and are unsure which signals are key to their business
  • Have limited call data or team resources
Industry AI

Custom AI

The machine learning algorithms can also be trained using your business’s own data set, to establish Signals tailored to your unique business needs. Determine in real-time when calls meet your specific quality or conversion criteria.

Ideal for marketers who:

  • Have a deep understanding of which signals are relevant to their business
  • Have a high volume of call recordings with key outcomes identified
  • Are in a niche product or industry
Custom AI
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Trusted by Enterprises and built for accuracy

Signal AI is the only call intelligence AI platform built specifically for enterprise success. By leveraging our partnership with IBM Watson's Speech to Text API, marketers can rest assured that Signal AI provides the highest level of accuracy, scalability, and security for call intelligence.

IBM Watson

Our call intelligence platform is the only one of it's kind that is fully PCI and HIPAA compliant. Our machine learning engine has processed hundreds of millions of phone conversations across multiple industries, and our methodology for creating these industry Signals is all performed with the strictest level of data governance. Data is anonymized at each step of the model training process.

PCI HiPPA Compliance

“Signal AI gives us a whole new world of actionable insight into call disposition results, and understanding as to what’s happening within that call. Invoca’s AI capabilities help us make incredibly smart decisions with regards to our marketing dollars, in real-time. And that’s hugely important to us.“

Invoca Named a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester New Wave™:

AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

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