Enterprise SaaS that Speaks Phone.

Have confidence in your ability to make better decisions, create amazing customer experiences, and drive more revenue with the industry's most enterprise-ready voice marketing cloud.


Millions of calls are powered by the 100% cloud-native architecture, supported by its four core pillars:


The Invoca platform was built in the cloud to be highly available and redundant to ensure your business is never interrupted.
  • Multiple leading and geographically diverse telecom carriers and cloud service providers to ensure coverage in case of local outages
  • Web application uptime engineered to historical average of 99.99%
  • Call uptime engineered to historical average of 99.999%


Born in the cloud, Invoca has the scalable architecture and elastic capacity to meet your high-growth and variable call volume with ease.
  • Equipped to handle 10x usage spike for any given customer
  • Auto-scaling to meet growing customers and call volume


Invoca takes a multi-layered approach to protect your information by constantly monitoring and improving our applications, systems, and processes to meet your privacy and security needs.
  • In compliance with HIPAA
  • PCI certified
  • Privacy Shield Certified
  • In compliance with GDPR regulations


Invoca’s proprietary CallConfidence Technology and Call Quality Assurance Team combat industry-wide spam and fraudulent calls from reaching your call centers, skewing your reporting, and costing you money.
  • Multi-layered CallConfidence Technology that starts working before the call is even connected
  • Blocked over 2 million spam and fraudulent calls in 2017
  • Invoca’s industry-leading Call Quality Assurance Team is partnered with the FBI and FCC to analyze and investigate fraudulent calls to stop them at their source

Using the Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud, things just work. Exactly like they should.