Signal AI

Tap into a goldmine of actionable conversational data

  • Chicago, IL
  • Interested in Loan
  • High Income Home Owner
Invoca's Signal AI

Discover and take action on your customer conversations

Conversations represent a black box of data for marketers, especially for businesses where consumers research online, but pick up the phone when they’re further along in the purchase process.

Without deep insight into this stage in the buying journey, marketers are losing out on opportunities to drive 15-20% more conversions from their digital and offline campaigns. Until Now.

Enter AI

Signal AI gives marketers an unprecedented view into conversation data from high-intent consumers — such as purchases made or promotion inquiries. Marketers can quickly gain new insights from tens of thousands of conversations and take action on them in real time to drive more revenue-generating calls, boost conversion rates, and optimize the buying experience.

Compared to other conversational analytics tools, Signal AI offers marketers deeper insight into the unique conversations happening between a businesses’ buyers and agents — often uncovering conversation patterns and behaviors that marketers didn’t know existed — with consumer-level data that can be made actionable across across marketing platforms like Google and Facebook in real time.

  • Call Profile
  • Keyword: “Corp Bank Trust”
  • GCLID: 54218
  • Campaign: Branded Keywords
  • Product Interest: Mortgage
  • Outcome: “Quote Request”
  • Call Length: 00:06:45
  • Signal Met
  • Mortgage Quote Inquiry
Invoca's Signal AI

How it works

  • step 1

    Signal AI analyzes your previous calls and automatically groups conversations into topics based on similarities in speech patterns

    "...I need your home address…”
    "...know the price for insurance..."
    " to get a quote..."
  • step 2

    Identify the call topics and outcomes you want to track using a custom-generated predictive model.

    Identify the call outcomes you want to measure.

    Prospect Calling?
    Quote Inquiry?
    Application Complete?
    Claim Filed?
    Policy Purchased?
  • step 4

    Automatically push these conversions to your preferred marketing platforms, so you can optimize spend, create audiences, and drive revenue.

    Prospect Calling
    Quote Inquiry
    Application Complete
  • step 3

    Predictive models are applied against against live calls to detect conversation topics and outcomes in real-time.

    Prospect Calling?
    Quote Inquiry?
    Application Complete?
    Policy Purchased?
    Claim Filed?

The Most-Awarded Conversational Analytics Solution for Marketers

Invoca was the only call tracking solution included in the report, The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Providers, Q2 2018, having received an overall Strong Performer rating and the top scores possible for real-time speech analytics, business insights, and product roadmap criteria.

  • Speech Technology 2018 Star Performer Award
  • CBInsights
  • AI Breakthrough

100% Consumer Privacy Compliant

Invoca is fully PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA compliant with all call analytics features, including Signal AI, enabled. Signal AI has analyzed millions of conversations across multiple industries, including banking and healthcare, and our analysis methodology conforms to the strictest level of data governance. Data is anonymized at each step of the model training and application process.

PCI HiPPA Compliance

"Invoca is advancing state of the art call classification."

Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

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