Better Contact Center Experiences Build Brand Loyalty

Expectations for the customer experience are higher than ever—and that includes the contact center. Download this infographic to learn how you can exceed them.
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Better Contact Center Experiences Build Brand Loyalty

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Better Contact Center Experiences Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty isn’t what it once was. If the experience you provide doesn’t make your customers feel special, they’ll fall for someone else — a younger, hotter brand that shows up with a boombox and serenades them with Peter Gabriel. But when you optimize the entire customer journey from the first click to the last call, you’ll win more customers’ hearts and keep them for the long haul. 

Expectations for the Customer Experience Are Higher Than Ever 

  1. 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone.1
  2. Consumers will pay a 16% price premium for a great customer experience.2
  3. 32% of customers stop doing business with a brand they love after only one bad experience.2

When Consumers Are Shopping for High-Stakes Purchases, The Contact Center Experience Is Critical 

  1. 87% of respondents said talking to a person on the phone to answer questions made them feel more confident in making high-consideration purchases, versus purchasing directly online.3
  2. Consumers are most likely to call when making expensive and considered purchases.3
  3. Consumers prefer to communicate with businesses by phone more than any other channel.3

Why Are Consumers Calling Businesses?

  1. Consumers are most likely to call businesses as part of their research process or because they’re more comfortable making high-stakes purchases on the phone.3
  2. Travel consumers are most likely to make a purchase over the phone, while automotive consumers are the least likely to do so.3

Consumers Won’t Call If They Think You’ll Waste Their Time

  1. The most common reasons customers avoid calling businesses are because of long wait times.3
  2. 59% of customers hang up within ten minutes of being placed on hold.3

Transfers and Repetition Are Driving Away Your Customers

  1. 79% of callers are rerouted at least once.3
  2. 71% of respondents said that they believe businesses already know why they’re calling.3
  3. When callers aren’t transferred they feel valued and are more likely to complete a purchase.3
  4. 53% of consumers say they need to repeat their reason for calling multiple agents.3

Top Brands Use Invoca Conversation Intelligence to Improve Contact Center Experiences and Efficiency

15% Increase in call center efficiency 

74% Increase in handled call conversion rate

40% Decrease in call handling time

GE Appliances 
50% decrease in abandoned calls

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