10 Stats to Drive Your Sales & Marketing Alignment Strategy

Think sales and marketing don't need to sync? These stats might change your mind!
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10 Stats to Drive Your Sales & Marketing Alignment Strategy

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10 Stats That Will Drive Your Sales & Marketing Alignment Strategy

Poor alignment between your sales and marketing teams and a lack of visibility into cross-functional data are sure to put you off track. From sub-par conversion rates to bad customer experiences, sales and marketing misalignment puts your company at a competitive disadvantage and impacts revenue at every turn. While the divide makes the two teams feel at odds, their goals are the same: to acquire customers and drive more revenue.

When sales and marketing can become one cross-functional super-team, the result is accelerated customer acquisition and a better buying journey for your customers.

Check out these 10 eye-opening sales and marketing stats to help rally the relationship between your sales and marketing teams.

  1. Lack of alignment = lost revenue. An estimated $1 trillion dollars a year is lost due to a lack of sales and marketing coordination.1 
  2. You might not be as aligned as you think. Less Than 5% of sales and marketing executives report poor alignment. But over half who report good alignment show negative performance and pipeline.2 
  3. Cross-functional data visibility impacts performance. 46% of marketers report that data quality and accuracy negatively impact marketing optimization. 28% say data is siloed and difficult to access.3 
  4. Marketing leads are getting lost. 79% of marketing leads never convert due to a failure to nurture consumer connections.4 
  5. Alignment speeds growth. Highly-Aligned organizations see a 32% year-over-year revenue growth. Less aligned competitors saw a 7% decrease in revenue.5 
  6. Better alignment turns profits. Highly aligned companies are 15% more profitable.6 
  7. Culture isn’t grinding the gears. Over 80% of sales and marketing executives describe each other’s departments positively.2 
  8. Sharing data and technology is key. 96% of companies that report being well-aligned organizationally are aligned on their sales and marketing technology, too.7
  9. Aligned teams finish strong. Businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment are 67% more effective at closing deals and 58% better at retaining customers.1 
  10. Revenue for the win! Highly aligned teams drive 208% more revenue as a result of their marketing efforts.1

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