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Mutual of Omaha Automates Agent Quality Assurance with Invoca

Mutual of Omaha uses Invoca’s AI to score contact center agent performance and improve its coaching program
Mutual of Omaha Automates Agent Quality Assurance with Invoca
"Invoca helps us track how our call center agents are doing — its AI highlights top performers as well as the agents that need additional coaching."
Tim Mogler
Senior Account Manager at Mutual of Omaha

The Mission

Mutual of Omaha is a Fortune 500 mutual insurance and financial services company based in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Invoca, Mutual of Omaha had limited visibility into call center operations and agent performance. This made it difficult for the team to accurately diagnose agent strengths and weaknesses and to identify coachable moments. 

The Solution

Automating Call Quality Assurance with AI
Mutual of Omaha uses Invoca to automate quality assurance in its contact center. Invoca uses AI to automatically score 100% of phone calls according to Mutual of Omaha’s desired criteria. This gives them a complete view of how calls are being handled.

“Invoca has helped us identify pain points and opportunities we never knew existed between consumers and our call center agents,” said Tim Mogler, Senior Account Manager at Mutual of Omaha. “In the past, we were unaware of any potential issues that could be happening as our executives thought our campaigns were always executing well in our contact centers. Invoca helped us shine a light on very fixable issues that were providing a poor customer experience and creating lost revenue. I would never want to revert back to not having that 360 view on the calls with our customers.”

Improving Agent Coaching with Invoca’s Insights
The call scoring provided by Invoca’s AI helps the Mutual of Omaha team get a complete picture of agent performance. This allows them to give more effective training and feedback.

We’re now able to provide feedback to call center managers on agent performance in the blink of an eye. No more waiting for weekly reports! We now have a complete picture of how well our agents are handling and converting leads. With these insights, we can give our star agents praise and incentives, while lower-performing agents receive additional coaching opportunities.
Tim Mogler, Senior Account Manager at Mutual of Omaha

Partnering with Invoca’s Knowledgable Customer Success Team 
Throughout the process, Mutual of Omaha has been impressed with Invoca’s customer success team.

“Invoca has provided us a great team to work with. They’re always ready to help me turn my ideas into reality,” said Mogler. “Their vision as a technology partner has been key in growing our business, along with providing the best tools to manage our call customer experience."

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