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Invoca Helps Bay Alarm Medical Optimze Its Sales Strategy

With Invoca, the team gets deep insights into phone conversations to improve sales scripts and coaching
Increase in warranty sales
Invoca Helps Bay Alarm Medical Optimze Its Sales Strategy
"Invoca gives us a detailed snapshot of how our in-office and remote sales agents are performing. It's helped us adapt to a hybrid work environment."
Alyssa Hermosillo
Inside Sales Supervisor, Bay Alarm Medical

For over 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical's mission has been to protect the most important things in life — family, health and independence — with leading medical alert products. Its sales team uses Invoca to understand how well agents are handling calls and where their areas for improvement are.

"With Invoca, we drilled into our phone calls to understand the tactics our top performers were using to sell warranties," said Alyssa Hermosillo, Inside Sales Supervisor at Bay Alarm Medical. "We then shared those learnings with our lower performers, helping us improve warranty sales across the board by 14%."

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