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  2. The omnichannel customer makes calls

    65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone call versus only 24% who prefer a web form.

    • of people complete a purchase offline following online search activity
    • of people have used click to call from a search ad
  3. Digital is driving calls to businesses

    Mobile search is the #1 call source accounting for 48% of total call volume in 2015.

    Top 10 marketing channels driving phone calls

    • Mobile Search
    • Desktop Search
    • Desktop Display
    • Content / Review Sites
    • Mobile Display
    • Radio
    • Email
    • TV
    • Newspaper
    • Directory
  4. Calls = Motivated buyers

    The average call duration is 4:52 seconds. This indicates quality prospects who are likely turning into customers.


    Online Review Site
    Online Display
    Online Search
    Mobile Search
    Mobile Display
  5. Calls come with deep customer insights

    Did you know more men make phone calls than women?

    Did you know Most people call businesses on Monday between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm?

    men 53%
    women 47%
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