The Best Marketing Conferences, Webinars, and Blogs to Help You Grow in 2019

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The Best Marketing Conferences, Webinars, and Blogs to Help You Grow in 2019

Spring is here and the winter blues are fading! Well, maybe it is for you, but it won’t stop raining in “sunny” northern California. Now that I’m done yelling at that clouds, it’s time to think about what to get in the ground for summer. Tomatoes, peppers, your future career—wait, what? That’s right, summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get crackin’ on your professional growth plan for 2019.

A great way to get inspired is to read some interesting blog posts, get some new conferences on your calendar, and watch some webinars. Are you ready to kick the rainy season out the door and shine some light on your future? Sweet. Check out these top conferences, webinars, and blog posts assembled by the Invoca marketing team.

The Best Marketing Conferences to Help You Grow

There are a lot of marketing conferences out there and it’s not uncommon to come out of one feeling like you just got told a bunch of stuff you already know from people you have already heard it from. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few conferences that bring it year after year, guaranteed to leave you inspired, educated, and maybe even entertained.


Where: Seattle, WA
When: July 15-17
Who: Moz

Search marketers rejoice because MozCon is coming to Boston this summer. Moz is one of the best stops on the web for search marketing content, and their SEO-focused conference does not disappoint, either. It’s also a great venue for content marketers (I’m definitely going!) and pretty much anyone who works on the agency side to get inspired and take home some advice that can actually be used in the real world. Register for MozCon here. (Moz claims it always sells out, so get crackin’!)

MarTech East

Where: Boston, MA
When: Sept. 16-18, 2019
Who: Third Door Media

From the martech experts that bring you Marketing Land, Search Engine Land, MarTech Today, and the Search Marketing Expo (better known as SMX) comes MarTech East. If you are a martech vendor, you have to be there to see what your competitors and peers are up to and to learn how to get a leg up in the market. If you are on the other end and you are evaluating a new martech solution, this is the place to be to hear the real deal from customers and to see what competing products are offering. This is also a great opportunity for marketers, executives, and IT to get together and learn how to better integrate their martech stacks into their businesses. Register for MarTech East here.

Invoca Summit

Where: Santa Barbara, CA
When: October 22-24, 2019
Who: Invoca

Did you think we could get through this without talking about the best marketing conference in the west? At Invoca Summit, you’ll be inspired to push boundaries and learn how leading companies are creating exceptional customer experiences. Brands and agencies converge to share how they are solving some of digital marketing’s biggest challenges around marketing attribution, digital optimization, and personalization. While the keynotes are killer and the breakout presentations are on point, the legendary Invoca Hospitality (aka parties) is where it’s at. The best part‚—it’s in beautiful Santa Barbara, not freaking Vegas! Sign up now to lock in a special discount for Invoca Summit 2019!

Webinars You Need to Watch

What Customers Expect in the Age of AI

In the era of click-to-purchase, how can companies with complex products like insurance plans, loans, or home furnishings best serve shoppers? The key is using AI to understand the customer journey and provide a great experience at every touchpoint.

How can you do this? Check out this webinar with Adam Justis, director of product marketing at Adobe and Julia Stead, VP of marketing at Invoca. They discuss how to:

  • Understand what consumers think about AI-powered chatbots vs humans
  • Create more effective customer experiences with emotional intelligence
  • Use technology to respond to your customers’ emotional needs
7 Terrible, No-Good SEO Tactics to Abandon Forever

An important step in building a successful SEO strategy is letting go of terrible tactics that aren’t getting you results. How are you supposed to know exactly which tactics you should pull the plug on? Register for this Search Engine Journal webinar.

Hear from Julia McCoy, CEO at Express Writers. She’ll be covering:

  • The most common out-of-date SEO content tactics that are still circling the web.
  • Which bad SEO strategies Google despises.
  • Some solutions that will help you avoid these two things and boost your SEO results.
How To Gain Insight Into Your Customers’ Spend With Your Competitors & Beyond

To better understand customers, marketers should look beyond touchpoints with their own company. This extra knowledge helps marketers personalize experiences and access hard-to-reach demographics. In this on-demand webinar, get tactics for understanding customer interactions outside of your company. Learn how to:

  • Understand customer spending outside of your industry and with competitors
  • Use these insights to create better experiences and increase revenue

The Best of the Marketing Blogs

Tips to Better Manage Your Marketing Budget

Spring is a great time to check-in on the marketing budget that you most likely put together back in December. Things don’t always go according to plan and certain initiatives can become a bigger priority than you initially thought. This post in CMSwire on how to better manage your marketing budget has some helpful tips and if nothing else, serves as a good motivator for checking those spreadsheets. Food for thought: “Measuring investment in marketing isn’t just about splitting up the budget. It’s about finding the right mix of support for finding new customers and investing in existing customers who become brand advocates and evangelists.”

Forrester Future Fitness: The Big Picture View

Forrester analyst James McQuivey just rolled out a new program called “Future Fitness” and it aligns perfectly with the idea of a springtime check-in on your professional and personal growth. The idea is that marketers should be asking themselves if they’re fit enough for the future of marketing automation, AI, and business transformation. According to the post, “Future fitness describes what it’s like to have more of the resources you need to prepare your organization for the future. It encapsulates your view of the world, the energy you bring to your vision, and your ability to navigate change. To measure your future fitness, we drew on surveys of millions of people over two decades to build and test a simple assessment tool that scores people on a scale from 1 to 100.” Interesting idea.

Busy Is Not The Point

Had to include a little wisdom from Seth Godin…his posts always make me stop and think. This one is a good reminder that you won’t ever get ahead just being busy. Take the time this spring to re-evaluate your priorities and ensure that each day is productive in terms of moving the needle vs. simply checking off an endless to-do list.

While you’re at it, get the Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers to find out how to grow your marketing ROI with call tracking and analytics!

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