It’s Official: Invoca Is Now A Facebook Marketing Partner

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It’s Official: Invoca Is Now A Facebook Marketing Partner

We couldn’t be happier to announce that Invoca has been selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner! Invoca is one of a few select companies, including established industry leaders such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Marketo, with the badge for Advanced Onboarding.

This new designation was rolled out at Facebook’s Global Partner Summit yesterday, and for the first time, includes companies that are driving impressive results via Facebook’s Offline Conversions API. Here’s our very own Nathan Ziv, VP of Product, presenting on a panel alongside other partners involved in Facebook’s initiative to drive “omnichannel optimization,” which is all about creating an experience that’s seamless across channels and devices, online and offline.

Becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner is only earned by companies that meet Facebook’s absolute highest standard for capability, performance and customer success. It’s also a testament to the depth of Invoca’s partnership and innovation with Facebook, which dates back to early 2016 when we started building the industry’s first integration with Facebook’s Offline Conversions API.

In June 2016, we announced Invoca for Facebook, which allows marketers to get actionable insight into the campaigns, ad sets and ads driving customers to call and convert offline. Call outcomes can be seen side-by-side with click data for a complete online and offline view of ad performance. We then announced Invoca for Instagram in April 2017, making it simple for marketers to get credit for the calls they’re driving from Instagram ads.

Both Invoca for Facebook and Invoca for Instagram also enable marketers to reach more of their best customers through retargeting and lookalike audiences, ultimately resulting in more revenue and a better customer experience.

And with the introduction of our new Signal AI product, our customers have even more insights and data to optimize Facebook advertising and drive revenue. For example, think about being able to uncover, in real time, which campaign resulted in a quote inquiry over the phone. This is a valuable type of call for an insurance company, so being able to leverage the world’s largest social network to drive more of these calls is very, very powerful.

Our customers are having incredible success; for example, BoomTown leveraged the integration to boost their revenue by 20% and reduce their average cost per lead by 82%. Not only that, Invoca customers in industries spanning insurance and healthcare to telecommunications and travel have successfully deployed Invoca for Facebook to maximize the value of their Facebook advertising investments.

As digital advertising platforms focus more on online-to-offline customer experiences in industries like financial services, telecommunications, automotive, and travel, we are excited to deepen our collaboration with Facebook and continue delivering innovative solutions for our joint customers.

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