Invoca Named Strong Performer in Forrester AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Report

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Invoca Named Strong Performer in Forrester AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Report

AI-fueled speech analytics is revolutionizing how businesses use conversational data, particularly when it comes to marketing. In a world where marketing decisions are increasingly data-based and customers expect a high level of personalization, those who utilize AI-powered marketing technologies are now at a distinct competitive advantage. When it comes to analyzing phone calls, AI was once mostly the realm of call centers. But today, it’s helping marketers drive more engaging customer conversations and increase ROI. Invoca’s Signal AI is a prime example of its effectiveness.

When we introduced our Signal AI technology, it changed the way marketers analyze phone calls by providing the first efficient, scalable, and accurate way to understand caller intent and outcomes at scale. Our customers have now used Signal AI to analyze over 2 million conversations. While that was a solid milestone, Invoca has now been named a Strong Performer in the report, The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Providers, Q2, 2018. In the report, Invoca earned differentiated ratings in real-time speech analytics, business insights, and product roadmap criteria.

Signal AI is more than a neat call intelligence feature — it’s crucial marketing technology for enterprise organizations that rely on phone calls to drive revenue. Forrester states in the report that “Marketers benefit from Invoca’s AI-fueled speech analytics. Invoca leverages machine learning-based speech analytics to classify calls and measure their quality and outcomes to improve marketing performance as well as handle related use cases in sales.” Our customers tend to agree.

“The conversion data that we are now getting from our calls has allowed us to optimize our marketing strategies to precisely retarget customers in real-time, which has reduced our spend and increased conversion rates,” said Colleen Farrell, manager of retail marketing at Starkey, in the press release.

For a long time, the “online-offline” customer journey from the web to the phone left marketers with a big data gap, and intelligent guessing was the only solution to finding out what drives phone calls from digital marketing, and what to do after the call. At Invoca, we’re driven to fill that data gap and provide a sophisticated call intelligence platform that gives enterprise marketers an unprecedented level of insight into the phone conversations that drive revenue.

By making this data not only accessible to marketers but instantly actionable, Invoca allows them to precisely optimize online campaigns to drive more high-quality leads to the phone. The key to this and the reason for Invoca being named in this report is our machine-learning powered Signal AI technology, which the Forrester report says is “advancing state-of-the-art call classification.”

Without machine learning-powered technology like Signal AI, marketers had to listen to individual calls to identify conversions, which is virtually impossible to do at any scale, or rely on keyword spotting technology that’s equally labor-intensive to set up and maintain.

Signal AI automatically analyzes the entire context of the conversation for language patterns, identifying customer intent, behaviors, and call outcomes. This data can then be pushed in real-time to Google, Facebook, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, making it simple for marketers to connect phone calls to the entire digital customer journey.

While we are quick to tout our technology, I’m most proud of our approach to assuring our customers’ success far beyond the day of deployment - this is what makes Invoca a standout in the call intelligence world. We want to see organizations not just buy Invoca, but to get results and continually build upon their successes. Our commitment to customer success is also reflected in the report, as it notes that “customers appreciate the close working relationship they have with Invoca as well as the cost optimization and lead generation they've been able to achieve with the platform.”

When our class-leading technology and commitment to the success of our customers are combined, it really sets us apart from the pack, and I think the results of this report validate both what we’ve been hearing from our customers and the power of our platform.

Though we are pleased with our standing in this report, there’s no time to sit back and bask in the glory. The march of marketing technology never stops, and neither does our commitment to being the leader in call intelligence innovation and enhancing the user experience of our products. On that, we have to get back to work!

Click here to download the Forrester New Wave™ report, AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018

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