How Frontier Communications Drives Authentic Customer Engagement

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How Frontier Communications Drives Authentic Customer Engagement

Today’s consumer has nearly unlimited choices and easy access to them. Because of this, having the best price and a great product might not be enough to win new customers. In this hyper-competitive landscape, customer experience is more important than ever, and a study by Walker says that the year 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. This means that companies are now tasked with finding new ways to connect with customers and creating the much sought-after authentic engagement experience.

It’s not enough to raise a keyword bid, or spend more on display ads—marketers need to collect, analyze, and act on customer data create personalized experiences. With data-driven strategies, marketers can successfully drive superior customer engagements—without it resulting in customer fatigue.

Frontier Communications uses customer data that it gets from Invoca to strategically build relationships with its customers, which is critical because a large portion of the company’s sales happen on the phone. Invoca allows Frontier to analyze call interactions, and get real-time insights to optimize customer marketing and customer experiences.

Frontier Communications uses customer Invoca’s call tracking and analytics to determine where dollars are best invested. It uses call data to suppress retargeting to unresponsive shoppers, improving their experience with the brand. It also analyzes what activities customers are most responsive to, and shifts spending to successful channels. These optimizations resulted in a 66 percent increase in response rate for Frontier.

The best part is that it did not have to increase media spend to improve results. Instead, it focused on data-driven optimizations. By shifting focus and spend to successful channels, and suppressing ads to uninterested consumers, Frontier Communications increased revenue by 50 percent.

Frontier Communications is focused on customer needs, but that doesn’t mean it loses sight of business impact. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Frontier Communications finds the intersection of customer and business needs and leans into it. By investing in activities that improve customer experience, the company increases retention rates and revenue. For example, through its retargeting suppression and media spend optimizations, the company achieved a 50 percent reduction in cost per sale.

The telecommunications company continues to find new ways to use data to improve customer engagement and business outcomes. Using AI to dive deeper into call data is its next initiative. With Invoca’s Signal AI, the company is digging into what it currently doesn’t know. AI will help Frontier Communications predict customer behavior, better personalize experiences, and exceed customer expectations.

Frontier understands the value of achieving genuine human connections with shoppers. By optimizing marketing efforts, the company is able to both boost customer engagement and meet business needs.

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